This ecology is very fashionable, but it’s much more than a trend that shows it’s the latest. In the furniture sector, sustainability is of paramount importance as companies and individuals have improved their understanding of the importance of environmental issues and wish to invest in products that ensure their sustainability with the environment. In this case, we want to tell you about the concept itself, explaining how manufacturers use terms to refer to the elements that define eco-friendly furniture.

At the same time, precisely because when a trend really happens, we often see imitation, we must pay attention to furniture that claims to be ecological and not. To avoid falling into this kind of trap, it is better to bet on well-known manufacturers and, in any case, check that the labels are original and that they correspond to what they are selling. If you’ve always wanted to know everything ecological furniture, the information that we present below will be very useful to you.

Important concepts to consider in ecological furniture

The furniture that is said to be ecological and sold with this quality is one of the most important, almost always identification tag which refers to a set of concepts related to this sustainability and the environment. Then we will show you the most common qualities so that you can understand them and evaluate the product as a whole and find out if this is really what you were looking for or if you had something else on your mind. .

Sustainable wood guarantee

a sustainable wood guarantee It is very much related to the base of the wood with which the furniture was made. In fact, the original labels that carry this term refer to forests where there is a commitment to environmentally friendly planting and replanting and where felling is controlled. In addition, in general, these labels generally guarantee the use of a suitably remunerated workforce and that the forests do not belong to any protected area or indigenous territory where logging complements the natural ecosystem of the region. region inhabited by these living tribes.

Percentage of recycled material

Another of the references that almost always appears durable furniture labels It is the one that refers to the total amount of recycled material used in the manufacture of this part. In fact, much of the furniture identified in the eco-friendly category comes from materials previously used as furniture or other parts. It is also common to find discarded and recycled materials for a second use.

The recycled material composing ecological furniture is generally expressed as a percentage and is linked to the whole materials used to make the product.


Finally, the labels on the ecological furniture they are deeply involved in the future of the planet. It’s just about investing in a piece of furniture that commits to a sustainable version or that uses materials that would otherwise eliminate waste. It’s also about thinking about what will happen in the future with this piece of furniture. This is precisely where the concept of recyclability takes on its full meaning. This is the ability to recycle newly acquired furniture when it is no longer needed. That is, if you can get rid of it without harming the environment.

As you can see, there are concepts directly related to ecological furniture and on which the brands rely as a seal and guarantee of quality. To avoid imitating and providing this underlying information, it is always best to bet on well-known brands that know how to follow careful processes. manufacturing that guarantees durability and recyclability of the part received.

How many of these concepts on ecological furniture did you already know? Thinking of purchasing one of these models?