Restoring old furniture is a great option. You will save a lot of money and have something unique that has great sentimental value around the house.

Clever ideas to give your old furniture a second chance


Old furniture is usually stored in the attic and when you want to find it the moths are eaten and beaten. It is better to give them a second life and enjoy them again for longer or longer than the first use. Anne thousands of ideas and possibilities to restore antique furniture or not that old. You can add fun solutions to damaged tables or use things you never imagined before, like a stool or a coat rack. Find out what can be done with a little imagination, skill and free time.

The second world of antique furniture

Antiques that you see in your grandparents, parents, or uncles and don’t pay attention to them can be perfect for your new home. You will have a piece of furniture with a lot of history and great sentimental value and decorating your house is very vintage, as it is fashionable now! The following ideas will open your mind to this new trend.

  1. Crib. Is your child or your children’s crib tidy and collecting dust? Turn it into a table so you can work or do homework. Change the crib as your children grow older.
  2. TV stand. These pieces of furniture are usually very ornate and full of ornaments, with strong colors that make them look even older. With a coat of paint in a soft color like white or turquoise, you will have a new piece of furniture to put books and decorations on.
  3. Stairs. With your grandparents you have probably already seen the typical wooden staircase to access not very high places, right? Take it, paint it and put it in your bathroom, you will create an original towel rack from scratch.
  4. Stool. Change the concept of the stool. Turn it over, literally! Add it with the legs up, add wheels and storage bags and you have a handy organizer for the kids’ playroom, or whatever you want.
  5. the tables. Do you have a small table that you no longer use? Well, you can easily convert it to a movable bar. Just add a few wheels and a handle, to move it more easily you will already have it. And if you want to give it a modern touch, a coat of paint in pastel colors is the right thing to do.

It’s just that 5 ideas to renovate your old furniture. P.Go ahead and recycle what you have at home instead of buying more.

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