We all had an inflatable object at home, like a float to go to the beach, right? But we never thought that such a material could be used for interior decoration. Now Israeli designer Tehila Guy wanted to show us the versatility of this material and the possibility of incorporating it into original designs for the home.. Can you imagine having an inflatable chair in the living room? It’s not such a crazy idea. Look at the photo and you will see for yourself!

The chair I bring to you today adds that uniqueness that I was talking about: its seat is made of inflatable material, however, the designer has managed to combine this uniqueness very well with two other features that make this chair very elegant overall. and make it an object worthy of being incorporated into our decoration. For starters, the inflatable seat is transparent in color, which provides brightness to the design and allows it to easily combine with all kinds of decorative styles. This is complemented by the beauty of the wooden chair legs, in the style of an ordinary chair. Because of this combination of wood and transparent inflatable, this chair is a must-have design piece..

While we have so far attached inflatable furniture as things of little economic value or little design (see inflatable beds, which we use as a last resort when we have visitors at home), this amazing chair de Tehila Guy followed the concept to change that, combining materials and using them in original elements of the house such as chairs or armchairs. Of course, the fact that the inflatable seat not only responds to a question of design but also has its own functional advantages since the chair is available. it can be deflated when you want and its legs can be easily folded so that the chair can be stored in a small corner or transported without problem if we move or want to take it with us.

The big challenge with this design that plays with the visual part, according to the designer himself, was to create the best balance between the seat and the wooden base so that it does not fall. Now that we can see the final images I have to congratulate you because I think you have achieved Innovative design, with great visual brightness, transparent elegance And, as if that wasn’t enough, the most comfortable armchair in the world! What do you think?