The different sizes of beds for all tastes

If you want choose the bed that suits you best As for the dimensions, you should know that at least 30 different measures were counted. That is, you have several options to choose from, but you have to be careful and not get carried away by the ambition of having a perfect bed because the dimensions of the room and the height of the room are essential. will use it.

So if you are furnishing your house or making any changes to your room or your kids, we give you one here a representative example of sizes they will offer you in a store when you go to buy one. We start from the smallest to the largest, the variety is very wide. You just have to choose which one you have.

Bed dimensions

The following explains in detail the Different sizes available for beds single beds, double beds and king size beds.

Single beds

We will start with single beds and in this section you will find a few sections: the measures for children and measures for adults, but these beds are usually 80 to 90 centimeters wide and can range from 180 cm to 2 meters in length. When installed in a child’s room, the ideal measurement is 80 x 180 cm, to make the most of the space.

For adults, at least nine types of single bedsAmong them, the most requested are those measuring 90 x 190 cm or 90 x 200 cm, but there are also others that are out of the ordinary, such as the 80 x 200, which are in great demand on them by hotels. , or the one that measures 105 x 200 cm, an excellent choice for heavy people. They are also 80cm by 180cm or 190cm, as well as 90cm wide by 180cm high and 105cm wide by 180cm or 190cm high.

Comfort will not just depend on dimensions. For example, if you have a heavy weight, measurements aren’t the only factor when choosing a bed. it is there too stop on the type of mattress and check that it is the most comfortable. In addition, the brightness, as well as the distribution of the room are factors that influence good relaxation.

Double beds

It is also called a double bed or a double bed. Double beds are also useful various measures to adapt to any type of torque. The most popular double beds are 135cm or 150cm wide by 190cm or 200cm high, but of course there are many more.

It is possible to obtain smaller double beds like the one measuring 120 cm which can be combined with a length of 180, 190 or 200 cm, or there is also a wider width like those which reach 160 cm which can also be up to 2 meters high.

Queen size beds

For the most ambitious couples, the Queen Size is the natural choice. With this they will have much more space to rest than with the traditional double bed, although a few more inches of the room will be sacrificed if it is very small.

The measurements of the Queen’s bed can be 160, 175 or 180 cm wide by 190 or 200 cm high and are dimensions inherited from the American market, which are always characterized by the offer of more than normal products.

King beds

On the beds King size, anyone can sleep like a king. These, along with Queen’s Size, have been classified as luxury beds and never contain five-star hotel rooms.

The beds King Size has dimensions of 200 × 200 cm. With these measures, it is almost impossible to invade another person’s space while they sleep. To provide greater comfort, it is recommended to choose memory foam mattresses, quite ergonomic and adapted to the body. In addition, with this type of mattress, the movements of the couple are not noticed, which avoids disturbing the sleep of the other person.

Keep in mind that for extra large beds special sheets and envelopes required which matches measurements and are usually not easily found in stores. It is best to check online if your bed is between 180cm and 2m high.

In addition, it is worth remembering that if the bedroom is small, it will instead include a King Size bed which occupies most of the space and leaves no room for a closet of minimum dimensions or for a nightstand. But, if your room has more than enough counters and you need a really comfortable and spacious bed then an extra big head will watch it.