Autumn is coming and the quince. If you want to know all about it and how to make delicious recipes, be sure to read this article.

Quince and its recipes

Quince is a fruit tree that bears the same name. It belongs to the Rosaceae family like the apple tree and the pear tree. Quinces are oval in shape with smooth skin and are green in color until ripe and turn brownish yellow. Quince is a very sour fruit, which is why it is eaten with sugar in the form of prepared quince paste. cook the quince flesh with the sugar.

Quince Benefits

  • Eating quince helps restore the digestive lining, which is why it is very good for people with heart damage or digestive ulcers.
  • Quince helps remove fat from the intestine and lower cholesterol
  • Eating quinces helps eliminate chronic constipation
  • Consumers Often Find Quince Helps Prevent Gallbladder Stones
  • Quince provides fibers that help restore the intestinal flora
  • Quince helps stop diarrhea
  • Quince is richer in tannins than apple, which is why it has more anti-inflammatory and astringent properties than apple.
  • Quince provides no fat or protein
  • Quince provides a lot of potassium, selenium and copper
  • Quince is an easily digestible source of energy, so it is recommended for sick, tired people, students, children …
  • Quince helps maintain healthy skin thanks to its vitamin A content.
  • It protects against colds and helps heal wounds thanks to its vitamin C content.
  • It helps eliminate toxins from the body thanks to the potassium it provides

Sweet quince recipe

To make quince paste you can do it two ways: With or without water

Sweet quince recipe without water

  • You will need 1 kg of quince flesh and 1/2 kg of sugar
  • Cut the quince into pieces
  • Put the quinces in a saucepan on the fire with the sugar
  • Stir everything and cover
  • Cook for 30 minutes over very low heat
  • Stir again and cover again
  • Simmer for another 30 minutes
  • Mix material until smooth
  • Place them in plastic containers with a lid and let cool.

Sweet quince recipe with water

  • This quince recipe is sweeter than the previous one
  • You will need 1 kg of quince flesh, 1/2 liter of water, 1 kg of sugar
  • Clean the quince and cut it into pieces
  • Bring to a boil for 30 minutes
  • Crush everything very well
  • Weigh the quince flesh and add the same amount of sugar
  • Return to a boil and stir and stir
  • Leave on the heat for about three hours until it is very thick and can be cut.
  • Turn off the heat and store in smaller containers in the refrigerator

The sugar in the quince paste acts as a preservative, but if you have enough quinces it is better to put it in the freezer because it will keep you longer. In ancient Greece, quinces were dedicated to Aphrodite the goddess of love, so new children had to eat quinces before entering the bride’s room.

Quince recipes

A quince it is the fruit of the harvest, that’s why it’s time to make a thousand recipes

Sweet croquettes


  • extra virgin olive oil
  • 30 gr onion
  • 170 gr of flour
  • 700 ml of milk
  • 150 gr of quince
  • 200 gr of cheese
  • Hip bread
  • Eggs
  • Pastry bag


  • Cut the onion and brown it in the oil
  • Add the flour and toast for 1 minute
  • Add milk
  • Add the cheese and quinces and garnish everything
  • Put it in the pastry bag
  • Pour the dough rolls and cut to the desired size
  • Beat in the breadcrumbs, then in the egg and then again in the breadcrumbs
  • Fry in olive oil
  • The croquettes after beating can be frozen so that they can be fried on another day.



  • 2oo gr im at room temperature
  • 200 ml of cream
  • 500 gr of flour
  • 1 tablespoon of yeast
  • Quince gel


  • Mix the butter and cream
  • Add the flour and baking powder and knead
  • Fold the dough in cling film and leave to rest for a few hours in the refrigerator
  • After a while, take the dough out of the refrigerator, stretch it and cut it into a circle using a plate
  • Using a ruler, divide the circle into eight parts
  • Place a small piece of quince on the edge of each portion
  • Pinch edges and roll
  • Bake at 180 ° for 15 minutes and leave the oven to cool and sprinkle with icing sugar.

Cheese and quince mousse

  • 100 gr of cheese
  • 100gr of quince
  • 1 liter of cream
  • 2 sheets of neutral gelatin


  • Crush the cheese and quinces and half the cream
  • Whip the rest of the cream until smooth.
  • Add the soaked gelatin sheets until diluted
  • Mix all the ingredients with a wooden spoon, first mixing the puree with the cream and then everything with the gelatin
  • When everything is well mixed, put it in the fridge for a few hours
  • You can serve the mousse with a spoon and attach a waffle

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