Wash your cutlery and leave it like new

Want to have your cutlery look like new every time someone visits you? Well we will tell you that we have the solution to that.

It should be noted that this is not the only essential element to keep it looking new, but it is one of the most remarkable because it attracts a lot of attention when it comes to eating. Did you know that your cutlery says a lot about you?

We’re pretty sure all you need to know is how to keep your cutlery looking like new, so without further ado we’ll get to know this amazing combination. it will make you not throw away your old cutlery.

It is very common that after a while, with the use of soap, a sponge or a little water, your cutlery will lose their shine and, in some cases, can even stain it. that you don’t know. You can bring this fun back! It must be said that polished cutlery is much simpler than it seems.

It is clear that we must specify that the cutlery is already worn The following combination we name may not work.

Mix to light the cutlery

Now is the time for spoons, knives and forks to regain their shine and look like new. For that, you will need the following material: White vinegar, dull silver, water and rag.

As you can see just by having vinegar and water in your house you will be able to create it, it is very simple and Your cutlery will look new! What to expect.


Now, to enjoy your cutlery, you need to follow a few steps which are as follows: mix vinegar with 2 portions of water, moisten the cloth with this mixture then clean by rubbing the same cloth strongly on the cutlery.

Then, all you have to do is rinse with water and voila! You will have all your new cutlery. Bored and don’t throw away your cutlery, Give them a second chance in life and you will see that you will get the most out of them.


We are sure that you will get a great result, you will be very impressed and enjoy this simple job. We are always in favor of the recovery of old things, this way you save a lot of money and you learn new things like this combination for example.

Do not let it pass and try to do it, we are very sure you will understand that this task is very easy to accomplish.