6 buttons to select the best grill plate

Here are 6 things you should consider when buying yours grill plate. How to choose the best kitchen plate? Surely you had this skepticism, given the high number of options offered by the market, the task of cooking this plate at the best time is complicated..

Another factor that makes this difficult is when you are not clear on what properties iron should have.

Uniform heating system

A feature that stands out when choosing a grill plate heat and that it is evenly distributed over its entire surface.

If you ignore this when purchasing your cabinet, you will end up using unused kitchen appliances with uneven temperatures.

2. Hardness and resistance

These attributes are also decisive for the perfect grill plate. When we mention resistance, we are referring to the artifacts that we can use while cooking.

There are some hotplates on the market whose resistance is so low that you have to be very careful when using it, when using it.

Usable temperatures

A good grill plate allows you to choose different degrees of heat, because when cooking you may need high and low temperatures for proper cooking.

4.non-stick coating

The non-stick coating is the perfect touch for a griddle. If you decide to buy one with this feature, after spending time and using it regularly, you will notice that you don’t need large amounts of fat to be able to Cooking.

5. Accessories

The collection of fats and sauces is a basic data. This accessory is already integrated by many on the market, sometimes located at the bottom and on the side of the plate.

Inside, the generated fats are added to meals, making cleaning work easier.


Handles that are well insulated from heat and facilitate the mobility of the grill plate during cleaning are a definite factor.

Many cooktops on the market do not have these handles, so you need to be careful when purchasing your head.

The good thing about barbecue plates is that they are becoming more and more popular, so you will find a wide range of sizes, models and brands, one for every taste, made with different materials and colors. different ways according to your needs.