a the decor seeks to inspire different points of view, and the truth is, it takes references multiple times. In this specific case, I would like to talk to you about the world of jewelry, which has recently become a source of inspiration for objects and furniture. Indeed, you have very probably come across collections that invert the shape of a diamond to create a lamp, or are inspired by a piece of jewelry, to make a designer table. Jewelry is all the rage in interior design and now is a good time to bet on it.

While most of them are there are brand designs with above average pricesIt is true that some online stores that offer us significant discounts in their catalogs offer you jewelry, furniture and home accessories that you can put in your home. Of course, the only rule for them to look good in any situation is to become the main characters. This way, you have to give them space, and above all, combine the color of the walls and what you put on and around so that it gives them the foreground.

Although the prices are decreasingWe will not always be able to afford the luxury of jewelry furniture, because money does not come for all decorative fantasies. Still, there are other options for all budgets, and we love Vivir Hogar. For example, an easy way to spruce up this trend with jewelry, or at least take inspiration from it, we see in the world of mirrors. Currently, many sell with frames that shine or have parts directly integrated. And anyway, there are hundreds of tutorials out there on the web that show you how to do it on your own. Testing this decorative gem trend will be quite an experience.

On the other hand, crystals and mirrors that you want to recycle It can be new pieces that decorate the surfaces of the furniture. For example, those tutorials that were used to make glass for tables or other aids that we were locked into under the top glass pieces of glass create mosaics. Jewel fashion managed to save them and it’s time to find them in the attic if you still have some, or just get to work creating new ones. Do you dare?

Image: José Manuel Mazintosh