What I am presenting here is not about a particular table, or a shelf or a bed. Maybe this is what we want, because we are free to configure it as we wish. I present to you the modular Tetran cubes. A new initiative that allows us to configure our own furniture according to the layout of these multifunctional cubes. The versatility and versatility of this design makes it possible for a person not to get bored with or without their furniture. Build a piece of furniture that looks like you, according to your needs, your tastes and your preferences.

The idea is great, since with a collection of modular cubes we can make all kinds of furniture for anywhere in the house: a table for the living room or the kitchen, a desk for our office, a large shelf for our books, storage for the bedroom, the box spring … and everything your imagination can do with the arrangement of these cubes. Of course, they are not identical modules; Each cube has different characteristics adapted to our needs, being able to choose the type of support and accessories available use your space in different ways. The combination options are almost endless.

A very interesting proposal that adapts to our space and our needs in terms of size, shape and utility. In the video that I leave you, you can see various examples of the great versatility of these cubes. In some cases, cubes are not only used to create furniture, but also to create partitions to isolate two different areas of the house. As you can see, these Tetran modular cubes expand the decoration possibilities.

In addition, it should be noted that the capacity of each is large enough, which will allow us to make the most of the space, while being able to save, store and organize all kinds of interior things; from books and binders, to private items and decorative details. You can also customize the inside of the cube to give it a specific function, such as a bottle holder, if you are creating a table for the living room or the kitchen. I encourage you to take a look around the web and see all the benefits.