If there’s one thing everyone remembers from the movie Titanic, it’s the reclining sofa where the main character lays down to be played by a young Jack on the ship. Well, when I saw the Twin sofa recently released by the Kalon firm, it reminded me of this sofa from the history of cinema, of course remodeled with the latest trends in interior design, since the sofa responds to what I present here directly with the lines of minimalism.

We appreciate the soft touch provided by its maple wood surface. The whole frame that completes its main structure is made of solid wood and has the perfect dimensions to serve as a normal double bed. So this subtle design can be used for resting at night, like a sofa for lying down for a while reading or watching TV. A contemporary style piece that comes from the USA to bring elegance and comfort to our interiors.

To highlight the strength of its wood veneers, slats have been created to secure the mattress to the top. These, like the rest of the materials already mentioned, are completely durable, which means that this sofa was built without toxins or the release of gases harmful to the environment. Divan Twin is a perfect finish for elegant and relaxed environments where you want to enjoy a corner of relaxation at any time of the day.

Also, This piece is available in a variety of finishes, so we can choose the shade of wood that best combines with the rest of our decor., be able to integrate the sofa into a room, such as an office, living room or living room. Its dimensions are generous to ensure ideal relaxation and the quality of its content will allow us to quickly enter the soporific universe of Morpheus. An ideal fusion between modern design and quality which appears to us as one of the best contemporary designs in North America of this recent 2016.

What do you think? Do you like the finish and shapes of the Divan Twin? Don’t forget to visit the official Kalon Studios page in which you will find other such surprising designs, with the same common denominator: wood and its high quality.