Wicker furniture is a must have for this summer. If you are thinking of the best type of furniture to give a summer look to your patio, check out what’s new at The Flea! With very traditional designs, this company worked with the best national craftsmen to find pieces that know, like a classic, but have fun. We are talking about natural fiber furniture that is so popular in other times and is now coming back to set a trend in outdoor spaces. You already know that the fashion for interior design is also cyclical, and now it was a slim turn.

The Flea brings us handmade decorations, with fresh and natural designs, from basic furniture such as tables and chairs to decorative items lots such as trays, containers, placemats to place dishes, coasters … and a whole set of everyday objects and small details that will complete your decor and give it a great summer look. This is furniture that many of our young people remind us of as it was very fashionable for years and now we can reclaim this strange style in our home, acting as a source of inspiration for our outdoor and indoor spaces. Available, because basketry combines well in bedrooms and living rooms!

Each of the pieces we look at here are completely handmade, making each one a unique composition. So the Fleadh offers us a whole collection of things, which we also find among them awesome mirrors, storage trunks for storing rubbish and all kinds of nice little details. The wick is combined with the cane to create very elegant patterns that can even be finished by adding textiles on top, such as checkered covers on armchairs or cushions, and tablecloths. With these combinations, we will realize that the most classic furniture acquires its own personality, according to our needs and our tastes, and can be perfectly integrated with the rest of our decoration.

If you like it and are curious about all that this company has to offer, I invite you to visit their website and bring all of these handicrafts back to our homes. Don’t miss it!