Wall table

I think people who appreciate design will appreciate the innovation of this wall table, a whole new concept in the world of interior design and developed by Kenyon Yeh. Used to the surface that the tables have a smooth and even surface, and have four legs or a central leg, this wall table seen in the photo leaves us with a different feeling, I cannot say if this is positive or negative, it will depend on the personal tastes of each one.

The truth is that the Yeh wall table has a curved surface, especially an edge, which rises at a 90 ° angle to be directly against the wall and be a fulcrum. This is accompanied by two front legs which are almost decorative. The table is fairly discreet in size, designed exclusively for a nook, hallway or nightstand in a room. The design gains in originality but loses in utility, since it reduces the surface of the table to obtain the necessary support. So that, the table selects more dynamic lines and a direct connection not only to the floor but also to the wall, I consider that by screwing it for more security.

The advantage that this wall table concept offers us at the same time is remarkable, since the straight finish also allows us to have things that must be on the wall, such as pictures and mirrors, without which a round table cannot. offer in the traditional way. afraid that everything will fall. The design, as a whole, is quite appealing due to its soft shape, material tones and innovation, but I’m not sure if many of us would be willing to give up traditional tables for such a piece of furniture. Among others, the placement of the wall table is less useful and much more limited, since we cannot place it near a wall and it will not serve us, for example, as an extension or reinforcement on other coffee tables when we have guests.

Advantages and disadvantages are added to this strange design which, despite everything, deserves a place in this blog in view of its originality. Now you have to consider it yourself, do you think this is a good idea? Would you like to put a wall table at home?

Photo: Facebook menu