This Christmas, take comfort with the new UP armchair designed by the Italian firm B&B. It is an elegant, very comfortable and beautiful armchair where we can furnish our living room and accommodate both adults and children.because this model is designed for both. It comes in two sizes, one large and one smaller, to suit everyone in the house. In fact, the name of this design is UP Junior. The design is a faithful copy of the original model created by other designer Gaetano Pesce in 1969.

This first hand chair was brought to the market to satisfy the older ones, and many years later we now have a scaled-down version so kids can enjoy this great design where they can spend their leisure hours and relax. So we can use it to read the newspaper or the interesting book, watch TV, climb the stairs, listen to your favorite music … or everyone makes the best use of it, but what is clear is not much. matters … complete comfort.

As seen in the picture, this armchair is equipped with a soft and soft cushion for more comfort, and it also has rounded shapes which prefer to relax and rest for those who sit down. A design that reminds us of those historic statues of a fertility goddess and that it comes with bright, striking and even elegant colors thanks to its availability in different shades. A small reproduction that children can enjoy their moment of relaxation just like mom or dad.

In addition, the chair has a tennis ball-shaped accessory that is used to position the legs and stretch the legs. Thanks to this accessory, we will ensure our perfect rest as soon as we are seated on it. UP Junior will be available from Christmas in the windows of the Italian B&B firm. You can also buy it online from DDistrict official website. The design comes at the best time of the year to allow us to relax during the Christmas season in which we live with family and at home. What will you say? Are you wearing an UP armchair this Christmas? Watch the promotional video and discover all its delicacies.

Video: Youtube