Are you looking for a nice coffee table for your dining room? There are many models that can grab your attention, but don’t forget all the qualities that a good side table should have, namely: comfort, utility and style. These three versions are combined in each design and create different creations, but in many cases they will not be presented evenly, so it is best to search carefully until you find the ideal table.

If you are in this research process, now is the time for you to check out Times 4, an ingenious array that will give you different uses than other similar coins. The table has a strange structure. It is a round surface imaginatively divided into four parts, one of which is open to the air, capable of storing objects inside.. But there is more ! The interior of the table can rotate on its central axis and we can move the four, discovering new spaces available to continue to store and store our things and accessories.

This way the table seems to only have storage space, but we can access the rest of what we have stored inside just by moving the rotating part inside with our hand. The other benefit of all of this is that the four servings don’t it has different color: blue, green, gray and pink. We can therefore change the color of our table whenever we want, not only to access the material but to change the aesthetics of our furniture. Isn’t that cute?

A very original idea to be able to store all our belongings in four remote compartments out of sight, but easily accessible. In addition, the table is made of light colored wood and white metal stand, which makes it really stylish and modern. Its dimensions are discreet (83 centimeters in diameter and 23 centimeters high), so that we can easily integrate it into any corner of the living room or living room. The bad news is that the price of this table will almost go up 1,500 euros. You can expand on the information and images in this article by visiting the website of designer Gonçalo Campos or the production company Polit.