living room furniture

The living room is one of the rooms in the house that has more space for storing storage furniture. Of course, this does not mean that we have to be immersed in the furniture: more and more we are receiving modular and suspended designs with minimalist lines that try to provide us with great capacities, without giving up a clear, clean and spacious aesthetic. In this context, a unique design is now presented by the Ronda Design studio.

It is an elongated storage unit that fits perfectly into the living room, as a complement or even as a main support unit for the TV. It is a straight rectangle divided into four different compartments: we have two openings on each side with independent doors and a larger, central one with a double door. The design does not have handles, which are directly visually connected in one way or another, and also hung directly on the wall, without the need for feet. All this favors an organized and spacious decoration, adapted to the finish of the facade or one side of the dining room or possibly an office.

But this design has a unique character called Sidney which makes it different from other furniture like this. Its creators wanted to give it a striking note on the front of its doors, which has an attractive integrated image.. The finish is fully customizable, being able to choose our preferred image type to decorate the four doors. The company leaves us some examples of landscape, urban, geometric images… informing us of a design versatility such as this which can be a classic, elegant, striking or original piece of furniture, although minimalist.


Finally, it should be noted the large storage capacity of each of its interior compartments, which makes it very functional, as well as the great traction reflected by the personalization of its doors. If you want to give your home a cheerful and dynamic touch in these cold months ahead, don’t miss the floral print design, the wild and colorful touch suitable for white painted rooms.

I invite you to consult the official site and discover all the possible finishes. In addition, you will be able to know other exclusive designs from Ronda Design and I already tell you that it is worth it.