soft seat

If you are lucky enough to work in one of the most modern offices where caring about how workers feel is a priority, you are unlikely to have noticed that more and more work environments are similar to those in the workplace. city ​​workers. The distribution of spaces and functions and furniture begins as a home distribution. And it’s not a casual trend, but it tries to inspire creativity and focus in those who spend long hours in their office.

The trend itself is to create workspaces similar to spaces the house is called softseating. In fact, software is much more than that as it is about making the work environment serve as a disconnected environment, relaxation or daily activities so that they cannot get out of it, or the feeling overly anxious. Below we analyze the main features of this trend that seem to be changing everything. Have you seen, for example, the offices of Google? What do they look like, a house or a real workspace?

Sofseating: open spaces that adapt to anything

Although the plush seating trend It is based on creating relaxed and dynamic environments in which the conversation takes place, almost always involving the use of furniture and accessories dedicated to comfort and functionality. In fact, it often refers to open spaces where workers can perform different tasks in different open environments.

In the same space, there may be a kitchen to prepare meals, or a microwave to heat what is brought from the house. Maybe a few feet away are sofas where you can comfortably chat with coworkers while inspiration comes for the next business idea that will make the company proud of this worker. But, there are also areas where you can work as a team without betting on classic cubes where you seem out of breath. Everything is in one place, and the the worker feels complete freedom of movement and full flexibility to accomplish your tasks and achieve your goals.

Use of designer furniture for the home

Another question that we usually see in this type of office environment the designs of the house are precisely traced to those of the furniture. It is quite common to use the designer furniture that many imagine in their homes. For example, in most modern workspaces such as the offices of multinational tech companies, it is already customary to have one or more Chesterfield sofas. A truly classic model that is comfortable to create an appropriate working environment while aesthetically filling the place where elegance and sophistication are added.

Design furniture is also on the rise because of the many replicas available on the market. In this way, you can create workspaces, but also spaces at home without having big budgets. And the sofa model above is just an example. Tables, chairs, stools and upholstered furniture would be among the most awarded or, at the very least, the most beautiful.

Application to home offices

a home offices they also want to be similar to those working environments where productivity is expected to increase. In this sense, we get great ideas that allow us to improve the feelings we have at work, when that place is at home. In fact, in this case, it might be better to think about designer furniture, make a clear distinction between private spaces and workspaces, and bet on some of the more decorative trends in workspaces. If you haven’t already, I suggest you check out our article on how to create a home office with great ideas.