There are tables that make them small, regardless of their size, because we need a practical and multifunctional desk that allows us to work properly. Many times, moreover, the dimensions of the room in which we intend to place the table are incompatible with the table itself, if we are looking for something too large, so it is better for the These cases consist of get an office with secrets, as I call it.

One of these offices is precisely the one designed on the Gonçalo campus in Portugal and called “Metis”. It is an oak wood table with generous dimensions 140cm long and 75cm wide, not too large, which offers the necessary surface to work comfortably alone. Where this desk begins to mark is in the hidden storage compartments that cover it below the surface.

Thus, the table is internally divided into three blocks. The first of them, lifting cover is by hand, revealing a hidden drawer type, ideal for storing things, but also for hiding them! then the table there are two standard drawers which can slide out, one next to the other, and which will also store all kinds of things: folios, shirts, pens, the laptop … and all those accessories that a good computer cannot miss. office. Looking at everything on the table is difficult and exciting, so these three compartments will help us keep everything neat and organized, without having to buy an oversized table.

The Metis desk was designed for the Wewood agency and is currently available in five shadesnamely: dark wood, natural wood, black, white or brown color. The aesthetic, as you can see in the photo, is simple, with a certain minimalist air with smooth, rounded shapes. This is an interesting option, without a doubt, to consider whether one is considering a change of office or buying a new one. Just note that Metis is sold on demand, via the official website, so if we like it, it will have to be ordered… What do you say? Did you like this Gonçalo Campos desk? Very good for facing the exam period ahead, don’t you think?