Ag global manicure trends are changing adapt to new concepts which in many cases involve new ways of life. The truth is, furniture styles don’t change as fast as fashion, but they do fill our homes with fresh air if we decide to bet on them. One of the most innovative in this sense seems to be one that directly copies nature, or bares it in furniture design. Ecology is transported, and the industry seems destined to go far beyond recycling and saving energy if users bet it.

a nature – inspired furniture they can use different concepts to display. In fact, many of them were only separated from all the artificial characteristics of previous times. Whether the wood is shown as it is, whether the hand-carved and rusty pieces, without any varnish of any kind, come to life in the spaces as auxiliaries, or that the small imperfections of the trees are visible in the accessories that we see in more and more collections. And all of them fit in perfectly with the rusty style of decoration, which is developing due to rural tourism and the decoration of these spaces.

However, being natural is not the same as being natural or technologically intelligent. In fact, the concept of ecology is associated with several of these collections. Therefore, the furniture, in addition to all the implicit details we talked about in the previous paragraph, also seems to be used to use recycled materials and bet on items that have had a different lifespan, or that are harmful to the environment. the environment. At the same time, pioneering companies are aiming to innovate to build furniture that allows energy savings, for example by creating rest areas that retain heat, or tables that improve the ventilation of spaces. All with truly natural finishes.

At a time, the accessories seek to imitate nature. The rugs are colored green or the usual fall colors. Curtains and linens do the same, and cushions and other lounging accessories are also understated. The idea is to create interior spaces that will remind us of the outdoor tranquility. And many say that betting on this trend improves our emotions. What do you think?