Give your home an original touch with this lovely collection of alien style stools designed by Phillip Grass.


Did you like the movie ET? If you are passionate about the life of foreigners, be careful because we can already find the perfect piece of furniture to decorate the house with this redundant theme. What we see in this article is the work of designer Phillip Grass. This is a very cool collection of furniture of home accessories that has been adapted to look like real aliens come from a pretty beautiful planet.

The collection consists of various models of stools that we, as well as seats, could take advantage of double by using them as auxiliary tables if necessary. The designs are fun; most consist of an original modification of the legs that support the stool. Phillip Grass shaped them into an arm and a leg, resembling the skeletal body of a real alien; some seem to walk with both feet flat on the ground; others allow them to sit on the floor with their arms supporting their heads in a considerate manner. And that one? You ask. It was quite easy to achieve despite the apparent difficulty. The seat itself becomes the smooth brains of these aliens, who have been given some sort of eye sticker in the corner of the seat so that the imagination can do the rest.

The collection includes these two models of seats which can be an ideal solution for furnishing auxiliary stools for the home. We already know that when you have a visitor at home, there are never too many chairs and we will understand if, in addition to having them, they are a work of creativity. Fun designs combined with practicality make this accent piece a unique and original collection that undoubtedly deserves a place in any of our homes. If we have kids at home, they love to find their favorite chair in these seats and can be their best playmate. Like I said, these stools are from another planet and maybe another galaxy, but they’re not scared, just start smiling. Perfect for homes with perhaps avant-garde decoration, to attach to a kitchen bar; a small table in the dining room or as an extra seat in any bedroom.

What do you think? Would you buy one of these alien models for your home?


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