Some design classics are reluctant to go out of style. With their innovative lines and impeccable aesthetics, they position themselves incredibly as things that are always current, always decorative, always useful.

The egg chair or the egg chair by Arne Jacobsen in a clear example of timeless design. This is a unique seat with an organic egg shape created from the great technical innovations created by Henry Klein in 1956. Klein has been researching plastic modeling processes for years and Jacobsen has made his breakthrough by creating a pioneering headquarters in 1958. with lines that stand out amid the establishment of truth and orthogonal relationships that have prevailed for years.

With the manufacturing work commissioned by the company Fritz Hansen, Jacobsen created a chair that today is considered very modern, stylishly decorating the most contemporary interiors.

The Egg chair is designed to take full advantage of the new processes Klein created to model plastics. In a moment of complete experimentation with new materials that opens up a wide range of activities for design, Jacobsen knows how to model production processes to create lines of explicit aesthetic value and combine them with functionality to make things very coherent. The backrest and the seat and armrest sections are included in a continuous egg-shaped whole. This particular shape gives the chair its name and creates a concave space that can accommodate the user.

For a certain comfort and functionality, a few essential elements are added. On the one hand, the structure that holds the main egg and acts as legs for the chair, is made of metal and allows a little sway which makes the seat docile for the user. On the other hand, with great simplicity but no less importance, a cushion is added to better adapt the chair to the body.

The result is a comfortable seat wrapped around whoever sits on it, protected by its concave shape. The manufacturing process of the Egg chair was expensive then and still is today, so the total number of 10 copies per week is not exceeded and it is a true luxury item.

Image: Fritz Hansen

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