The best sofa you have ever seen


Just over 50,000 Spaniards live in houses measuring 30 square meters, according to figures from the National Institute of Statistics. Some of the communities with the highest numbers are Madrid, Las Palmas, Cadiz, Ceuta and Melilla reduced size accommodation optionsBut that doesn’t mean that there aren’t glamorous and functional options for your site.

While lack of space can be a limitation when receiving guests, there are options such as the new “3 Mood” convertible sofa, which can be adapted to any room. Its transformation is amazing and easy to achieve. It is one of the most comfortable and versatile pieces currently on the market for solving problems of proportions.

What does the 3 Mood sofa offer?

At first glance, the 3 Mood looks like a traditional sofa, with four seats. However, it hides many charms. In a simple and intuitive way, it can be converted to a table of eight, perfect for Thanksgiving dinner or weekend lunch. But if you are looking for something closer, you can adapt it to a table just for you, your husband, and extra couple.

The night, offer you a personal bed for a good night’s sleep. Or if you prefer, a sofa comfortable enough for two. Did the visits surprise you? Do not worry! You can multiply the work to accommodate six of your relatives or colleagues.

After a tiring day, do you need to switch off? All you need is a good book and your favorite drink. In this sofa you will find living room with table or desk included.

The most practical sofa you’ve ever seen

Did you like its functionality? It really is premium option for the tightest spaces. Forget bulky furniture that tarnishes your rooms. The 3 Mood will only occupy 3 m2, which will be very well used. It weighs around 105 kg and costs around 3,000 euros. Want something cheaper? Yes !. A single-module version of around 1800 euros.

You can choose it from different colors. Black, gray, brown and clay tones add to the list of neutral strings. But you can also find it in green, blue or purple. Its reinforcements are in coated iron and its seats are in flexible foam, giving it a soft appearance. Its coating is polyester, so you can put it inside and outside.

Easy to maintain

This revolutionary new sofa will also offer you simplify cleaning tasks. Just wipe a damp cloth over its wooden surface to give it a shiny look, and its covers can be removed for washing whenever you want. Of course, we recommend a cold water cycle.

To extend its lifespan, you will only need tighten the screws from time to time. With this cocooning of a few minutes, you will ensure the effectiveness of your transformation.

What sets them apart from other suggestions?

Despite their versatility, classic modular sofas are out of place with narrow floors. Most of them are so compact that they sacrifice ergonomics. Some have deckchairs, but they are usually stationary, replacing a maximum of three or four pieces of furniture.

Therefore, a 3 Mood sofa could be the stretch you need to be more comfortable. By managing “space” better, create the wide visual effect you want. You will be interested to know that its creator (the Valencian Humberto Navarro), living in a tiny apartment in Madrid, before joining the company Unamo (2013), specializing in the design of versatile furniture. He is a young talent from the Valencian Community.