From the hand of the Italian designer Marco Guazzini, the Flamingo game console arrives on the market. With a simple and interesting dynamic design, the console has two drawers that slide across the width of the cabinet to configure different designs with a single element.

The two drawers, one at the top and the other at the bottom, can be moved independently, allowing for different layouts and offers a multitude of different configurations for the Flamingo console. The S-shaped figure created when the drawers are opposite refers to Marco Guazzini giving the design his name because its curved profile reminds it of the shape created by the flamingo neck.

Also for the animal that names the console, the designer seems to take the the refined final appearance of the furniture as well as the light neutral color with a delicate stripe of pink tone on the central table which achieves a versatile piece of furniture that can be easily integrated into countless environments with a variety of primary colors.

The Flamingo console is the result of research carried out by the designer around movement and its possibilities in the field of creativity. With the possibility of configuring different volumes, Marco Guazzini plays around phased forms, empty spaces and their contrast with solids, as well as the flexibility these attributes provide given the flexibility of the elements.

The console has a width of 90 centimeters, a depth of 36 centimeters and a total height of 123 centimeters. The support structure is in painted steel and the movable drawers, the core and the main characters of the design have a solid oak structure with a very soft blue lacquered finish. For him, the pink-toned top is in Portuguese marble, and a a wide variety of materials and therefore an interesting wealth of finishes, textures and appearances in each room.

As for the overall aesthetic of the design, the clean lines of the sharp profiles give a clean and linear look that gives light and space, as well as the clear tone of the finishes.

Three and image: Marco Guazzini