More and more projects are looking to convert small dwellings into housing with all the comforts of a traditional house. So that apartments or mini-lofts, regardless of their small square meter, can meet all needs. Although there are many convertible furniture that help us in this task and take advantage of every corner, there are other ideas as curious as the one suggested by the study Pequeñas Grandes Casas now.

The result is what you see in the image, a project that received the name Casa MJE because it belongs to a couple named María José and Enrique. This Mexican couple wanted to have a house in Asturias. He ended up getting a an apartment which was only 70 square meters, but there was not enough space for them, so they tried to fit it out. And do you know what the study that raised Little Big Houses thought? Revolving furniture!

As you hear it. It is a piece of furniture that can turn on itself and change the layout of the space and the different units. These pieces of furniture are able to change position and configure the house according to the needs of the residents. In this way, the MJE house we see in the picture can be transformed into a house with two rooms, a house with one room or a house without bedrooms and, instead, a huge living room. Depending on our needs, we can configure the space and take advantage of the outbuildings of the house that interests us!

It is Maison MJE which designed the study of Small Houses, resolving in a very original way the problem that many couples face in small houses. If we could enlarge or reduce the number of rooms, we offer you all the little tricks to make the most of the space, we are sure to discover an incredible formula to make these small houses, small palaces. What do you think of this solution offered by Small Large Homes? Without a doubt, it is a very original choice that opens many doors for us in the face of the distribution of space in our homes, don’t you think?

Photo: http: //www.pequeñ