We present to you the new collection of the firm Byedition. It was presented a few days ago in London under the name “B Collection” Because all the pieces that combine it have a common denominator: they all bear the letter B. So we get six exclusive features that respect the ideas and values ​​of the old Bauhaus (strange that it starts with B too, right?) . These six pieces are: Otti Berger, Sandor Bortnyik, Herbert Bayer, Max Bill, Peter Behrens and Alma Buscher. And again the B! Each of them evokes a reference name from the most important school of Western design, offering a great variety to the collection and a unique personalization for each piece.

Six original creations that combine design and know-how, innovation and detail; a beautiful fusion of elements captured behind each of these pieces. Concretely, we are talking about Otti console, Sandor table, Herbet sideboard, Max lamp, Peter armchair and Alma mirror. What a special collection to complete the decoration of the house! We leave you some photos of these parts whose manufacture is limited.

In this new Byedition collection, you will find a new concept of art and design, as well as the quality of the materials used. Each work is an exclusive piece and, as such, becomes a very select element for the decoration of our homes. If you are looking for the type special, different, elegant and unusable furniture, both artistic and functionalIt is time for you to gain in-depth knowledge of this innovative company.

Behind each piece, you will find a story and the construction of a world of its own. We value the work of perfection in every design when nothing is forgotten. The six pieces in the collection are inspired by contemporary trends or historical references, all the creative work of this brand that will not leave you indifferent. If you are interested in receiving them or would like to expand this information, be sure to check out all the photos and details on the official Byedition website.