We will be surprised to think that you could find a genius or a reduction in interior design. It is at least an interesting and original project to be included especially in spaces that seek to find their own personality and want to offer a different decoration that attracts attention. This is how it was produced by Isabel Quiroga, the creator of this almost architectural structure that we see in the photo and which can be summed up as follows: a wall shelf made with scraps from old tables!

Or they are not that old, because the appearance they offer is quite neat but maintains a classic style in the shape of the legs, in the type of faces and other small details. As you can see, these are side tables, coffee tables, elongated tables, most of which seem to come from a room or a hallway … and each one is layered like a puzzle or tetris, one on top of the other, creating the skeleton that could be on a shelf. Of course, to achieve this, it was necessary to cut the length of several feet or simply end with a few support points to give the shelf the right shape and be able to balance the different heights of each table.

The result is, at first, a little chaotic for me, but I think that if we filled all the spaces offered by this original shelf model, with figurines, books and other decorative details, the result would change a little more. I don’t think the color is right either, I think a pastel tone would give the whole person a more elegant and crisp touch than that garish purple, don’t you think? However, home integration is only a complex project it is an interesting idea to include in certain spaces where you want to compromise with original furniture. Here, as usual, comes the concept of recycling which is very present in the work of Isabel Quiroga.

Absoutely an original, different piece of furniture, full of personality and perfectly functional. A relatively inexpensive idea that any of us can make at home with little skill and, yes, lots of recyclable tables! What are you saying? Would you like to put a piece of furniture like this in your home?