CharColor Furniture They were designed and created by designer Louie Rigano with his classmate and friend Avantika Agarwal. They both chose the easiest ways to create a set of removable and combustible tables.

The simplicity of the shapes of the furniture effectively draws attention to the main character, the color. Intense shade and different finish immediately catches your eye. The viewer is drawn to the natural look of wood and its fascinating force of colors.

The unique finish of this furniture greatly enhances the grain of the wood thanks to the original and simple fire treatment. The procedure followed by Rigano and Avantika Agarwal consists in burning the pigments at very high temperature directly on the wood.. The fire and the pigment work at the same time creating a strong contrast between the charged color and the black color of the charred wood.

The creators many different colors in the design landscape inspire their project. In modern CMYK printing, colors are applied with precision while other traditional systems rely more on instinct.

An ancient Indian ritual in which this intuition occurs when women go out to draw welcome signs on the doors of the house using pure pigment. Referring to this Indian women’s daily makeup system, Rigano and Agarwal apply CMYK toner pigment to a virgin wood surface. create the patterns you want to define as a finish. Due to their waxy nature, these pigments are ideal as a protective finish for wood and, at the same time, are great for responding to the heat applied during the procedure.

Using a blowtorch, the creators of CharColor burn the wood and melt the pigments on it to allow the intense color to absorb. and the fire does the rest for the finish. This process eliminates color vision as a final touch on the exterior appearance of the furniture. Now color is the center of attention and the main character that surrounds the entire design.

Three: Louie Rigano