Nathalie Dackelid is the creator of this extendable table which presents a new way of bringing together and lengthening the surface. Looked …

Today I am not going to tell you about something incredibly amazing because it is a simple and everyday design, but I still managed to gain my appreciation for the originality it presents compared to others. models that we saw at Vivirhogar. It is a table, I would almost say it is useful because it does not stand out precisely by its size. While it is true that it is an extendable table – and then the great creativity of the design – the elongated shape and the small dimensions make us think that it can be a good solution for terraces and gardens, especially to help us in a large barbecue family or with friends, when we need additional space to work or a separate space to put the little ones.

The table is made entirely of wood and rests on four very basic legs. The type of surface it covers pulls a lot more height from the bottom It is carved with triangular shapes that form a kind of sliding teeth. The surface is flexible and in this case, as I mentioned earlier, it is a stretched table. The peculiarity of this model is that this extra surface part is not hidden as usual in other models, but hangs directly on the side of the table, elegantly gathered without distraction.

And how does it work ? It’s simple, but original. You can watch the promotional video which shows us how to bring the surface together and stretch in seconds, simply by stretching with your hands a lower base on which the triangular table is mounted. So, the table can be lowered or increased according to your need. It is not a very large table, even when stretched to the maximum, but it can be a good piece of furniture for small spaces.

This little creation was designed by Nathalie Dackelid, HDK Steneby student. Like I said, it’s a weird design that draws attention to its expansion system and not so much to its presentation. With all, wood is an elegant solemn material that is easy to combine with many decorative styles And it can really help us choose a table model like this. What is your opinion? Was it original for you?

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