Fabulous garden decorations with recycled materials

The garden is one of the places that brings peace, harmony and beauty of your home. It is not enough to just crash randomly. Its general appearance can be tidy, beautiful and in accordance with the style of decoration of the house.

The good news is that to make it look good, you don’t have to invest a lot of money, especially if you’re going ahead. recycle parts or objects which is abandoned. So, before you get rid of something you no longer use, take a look at these ideas and try to apply the ones that work best for your garden. The results will be amazing.

Recycling options to decorate the garden

A. old ladder, but with every step it could be a shelf for the jars. For example, if you have a wooden head, lean against a wall and use the steps to plant your most colorful plants. It will look great on stage or on the patio.

Usually, when trees are cut, the newspapers they are discarded or compiled for use as firewood. However, before throwing them in the fireplace, try to make them into pots for your flowers. Hollow out the wood and place your right bar there. Likewise, if you have one that is tall and upright, it can be used to hang plants. A few nails are enough. The more flowering the varieties you choose, the better the effect.

Think like the previous one? Devote yourself to finding your garden big stones and hollow so that you can do the same as you did with the logs. Cheaper and simpler impossible!

Good use of resources

Another very original way to decorate a garden is to use it PVC pipes to put. To do this, you need to open holes for the buds and flowers to come out, and cover the base so that the soil does not spread out. Likewise, it opens holes for drainage water. If they are painted in bright colors and hung on the walls, they will look beautiful.

a pacifiers, tubs and even salads and pots the old ones also serve as vases. You can paint them over or leave them as is to create a vintage look. They will look great inside and outside the house.

It’s a great idea and very ecological car tires for planting. Try hanging them on a natural wall and filling them with flowers. If you have a lot of pieces, paint them in different shades and place them in a triangle shape, on top of each other. Then put what you need in each one.

From another point of view

Although they are not recycled, storing your jars can an original touch in the garden. Place them upside down on the grass and make the bushes look like they are coughing. Place others in the ground to enhance the effect.

Likewise, you can stack them on top of each other so that they look like a fountain, but made of flowers. To do this, take a big pot as a base and bury a high post in the middle, which will accommodate each of the pots you add (make a previously pointed hole at the base where the post fits). Add from larger to smaller. Then proceed to planting.

With the above technique, you can water for birds. The difference is that you put a bowl at the end to add the water. To make it a little different, use pieces of the same size in addition to tilting them slightly. A metal rod can replace the stick you used in the previous idea.

With toys you can also work

You may have thought that the plastic truck With which your child was playing, he would find no more use after losing his wheels or rusting, or the sand-filled tobito on the beach was already destroyed forever. Well if you use them for planting they will look great. Place them in prominent places to make them stand out. Guys will love it.

Do you keep a old wooden door or a window? Use them as a decorative element. If you give them some color and hang your flowers then. You will recreate the same style if you own an old wheelbarrow or a bird cage.

Want to give your terrace an artistic air? Cherry on the trees wooden frames and center your most beautiful plants on it. You will be jealous of your neighbors.

a Rain boots no longer serve your boys. Push small holes to drain the water and grow them in pots. You can fix them on a wall or a wooden fence, so that they are visible.

A. old bike with another basket there is another option and it will give a romantic and vintage look to your outdoor decoration. Fill the basket with small pastel-colored flowers. Also add white paint to this mode of transportation. It is a very romantic and seductive bet.