Do you reject your balcony? You don’t know what you are missing. With a little imagination, you can make this the most beautiful and useful space in your home. In this article, you will find 12 tactics to exploit its abilities, regardless of its size.

12 tips to make the most of your balcony

You’re complaining about that you don’t have enough space at home and the delivery overwhelms you, but at one end of the room awaits you a balcony to which you do not pay the slightest attention. Have you ever wondered how long it’s been since you last renovated a balcony, when was the last time you used it, or since when you haven’t opened the sliding door? Certainly not, and that’s a shame.

Believe it or not, you are wasting what could be the most beautiful and useful room in your home, especially in these times when good weather is in your favor. As small as it may sound, the a balcony can be arranged for countless activities. You can use it for having breakfast, working, cooking, meeting your friends, relaxing, enjoying a romantic evening, or just for biking and the rest of the things that tempt you. them.

12 ways to make the most of your balcony

The a a little creativity and a little advice, you can integrate the balcony into your decoration and make it a magic corner, which can be used to collect more than dust and to shelter plants that you will not risk watering for a long time. There are many ideas and here are a few to make the balcony your favorite place. Think about how you want to use it and get to work. Don’t miss the opportunity to rejoice in your own little outdoor space.

  1. Use custom furniture: order custom-made furniture, so you can be sure that the space fully meets your needs.
  2. Install a bench or sofa: If you want to take a break, choose benches that also allow you to store pillows, cushions or tablecloths. If the dimensions allow, add a beach style sofa, with large cushions. Make sure to choose versatile furniture and weather resistant materials like steel, plastic or treated wood. Stores like Ikea, for example, offer a combination of wall panel furniture, including shelves for plants or objects, low seating, and storage. They are all amazing.
  3. Using laundry room furniture: Did you imagine washing yourself on the balcony? You can do this by fitting storage furniture that allows you to organize and protect everything. By placing a table with hangers you won’t have to worry about storing clothes and if you add a few baskets to that you will have the perfect place to do this task and enjoy the beautiful view that your balcony has for you. .
  4. Find storage space: walls for allies are best for storage or decoration. Have hanging shelves to order tools, boxes, coins, and other interesting items.
  5. Buy folding furniture and accessories: Use folding furniture, hanging trays, vertical gardens, antenna grids and all kinds of resources that you can anchor in the walls, in order to better distribute the space. To eat or work, you can choose folding chairs and tables. It’s even there for the computer. Make sure you put hooks on the walls, which will allow you to pick them up when you’re not about to use them.
  6. Transform it into a kitchen spaceIf you plan to cook outside, do so on the balcony. There are small pans that you can easily find and even adjust with rolling carts, worktables, and bottom drawers for storing tools, protecting food, or tidying up trash. For convenience, install a wall basket, to place fruits and vegetables.
  7. Give it an intimate touch: If you want to bring a homemade touch to the room, decorate with vases or pots, either rectangular, hanging or that can be attached to the bars, as well as corner shelves or vines.
  8. Make it chic and modern: For a more chic and modern look, opt for patterned or patterned outdoor cushions or rugs. Subdued tones are perfect for winter and bright tones for summer.
  9. Create a new atmosphere with lighting: you can use the lighting to create a dreamy atmosphere. Use LED lights, lanterns, light strips or strings of dim lights, which suit the type of decor you have chosen.
  10. Obtain confidentialityWhether it’s to protect you from the sun or to give the space a little privacy, you can use umbrellas, bamboo poles, acrylic or plastic sheeting, or specialized paneling.
  11. Find a training space: even your balcony is suitable for your workouts. Provide you with a platform to do your aerobic exercises, or just a canvas so you can perform your abs without difficulty. Also take your dumbbells and other tools, and find a little nook on your shelves.
  12. Space for an urban garden: if you are one of those who thinks utility above all else, the idea of ​​planting a garden on your balcony will disturb you. Use garden tables, planters, or patio pots and start with growing herbs or seasonal foods. If you take care of it, it will look gorgeous and smell very alluring.

After analyzing these ideas, choose the one you like the most and get to work to make it happen. You the balcony will have a makeover no major renovations. In addition, you will have more space in your home. It is worth the end result.

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