We often talked to Vivir Hogar about pets. In fact, we did it with tips for taking care of the more traditional ones, for example dogs or cats. But we also looked at much more bizarre options like the article in which we talk about ferns. In this case we are going to another animal that you can have in your home: the turtle.

To talk about the turtles that we can have at home as pets, we must distinguish two types, terrestrial and aquatic. Today we want to do a thorough analysis of these animals because the possibility of finding them indoors and in the garden is very popular. If you already have one, or are thinking about it, you shouldn’t miss what we explain to you below.

Water turtles too

Water turtles They are ideal pets if we live in a small apartment, as they do not require a lot of space and are not very expensive. The lives of these little animals will depend on their cleaning and feeding.

East aquatic turtles live in freshwaterThat is why at home we must provide you with cool and warm water and a special aquarium with an outdoor water surface where you can sunbathe. In the aquarium, you can place small pebbles so that your animal feels in its natural habitat. The aquarium should have enough water for the turtle to swim freely and move around easily. It is best to place your little turtle’s aquarium in a window so that some sunlight can reach it to strengthen its shell.

  • You should change the aquarium water frequently to remove droppings and food debris. Wild turtles feed on crustaceans, fish, small insects, worms, and algae, but in the case of captive turtles, there are special preparations that are sold in pet stores and made with shellfish and shrimp. .
  • You should feed your turtle twice a day in a size that is not too large to prevent the little turtle from overeating.
  • The color of turtles changes from green to yellow and even red when they are young, after two years these bright colors fade and are mostly green.
  • Males tend to be smaller than females and have longer tails and nails than females.
  • It is the shell of most turtles and in addition to protecting their internal organs, it also serves as a hiding place for fear of feeling threatened.
  • Turtles reach their fertile age at 6 years for females and 4 years for males. The female usually lays between 3 and 9 eggs to hatch after 75 days and small hatchings occur.

Turtles too

Land turtles They spend most of their time on land and typically live between 30 and 60 years, although some are hundreds of years old. A distinction is made between males and females in the lower part of the carapace, which is concave in males and smoother in females. They are heat loving animals, so during the winter they retreat into their shells to sleep while waiting for the summer heat.

a Turtles They mainly eat vegetables and fruits like squash, lettuce. tomatoes, apples …

To be able to mascot Among these attributes, you must have a house with a garden to be able to roam freely, but if you don’t have a garden, you must provide a terrarium where it can roam freely and place it where the sun is shining so that she can to strengthen her shell.

a Turtles Males don’t breed until 12 years old and females 15 years old and always do during the warmer seasons. The female lays between 4 and 6 eggs which she buried in a hole about four inches deep and remains there for a year, when the hatching process is complete.

We can find land turtles in most parts of the world, in Africa, South Asia, America and throughout the Mediterranean. The best-known pet tortoises are the radiated tortoise named after its shell, the box turtle so named because it puts its entire body inside the shell, and Hermann’s tortoise, which is a almighty turtle. .