Plant these plants in your garden

Since ancient times, our ancestors have used plants to relieve disease or to impart the taste and aroma of food. Although chamomile tea was never needed for stress relief or used coriander leaves to taste a sweet dish. These species are said to be medicinal or aromatic, depending on usage. The best part is that they are easy to grow and you can have them handy. Home & Garden.

Aromatic and medicinal plants at home

Having aromatic and medicinal plants at home is a good thing. You can arrange them in a small nursery or in pots, depending on the species. The investment is low in the amount of benefits they can offer. You won’t need a lot of time to maintain them. Dare to put them on!

Start with select a space in your patio or garden, to make them grow upright. If you live in a landless house, a balcony or patio will help you a lot if you use vases, boxes or pots.

In the first case, you must choose a location, preferably partial shade or moderate exposure to the sun; clean it and prepare the soil by removing the layer up to about 30 cm, to create a loose soil. Add a little organic matter and water, mix and distribute evenly.

It is relevant to divide it into small areas to distribute the plants, leaving paths to access everyone. Pick a good group of species and prepare them for planting. You are free to create your design, adding elements like stones, gravel or logs. It will give a nice look to your garden.

If you choose the patio or balcony, make sure you have full access to sunlight and some ventilation. Buy the medium sized pots, so that you have several plants of the same species in each. You can also use reusable containers like cans, but then you have to put them individually.

Pour the substrate with the organic matter and add. Containers must have good drainage. Be imaginative and use the materials you deem relevant to give the best to your garden.

Which plants to plant?

Among the most suitable medicinal plants for the vegetable garden it contains calendula, aloe, passionflower, sage and lavender. Among the aromatics, you can choose basil, rue, nettle, dill, chamomile, cilantro, mint, oregano, cilantro or rosemary.

Many of the plants mentioned have common characteristics: they are ornamental, small, biennial or perennial, and They are beneficial for your diet and your health.

If in doubt, you are advised to inform yourself about the particular characteristics of each type in terms of pests and diseases, the association between different crops, the need for irrigation and fertilizer, among other factors for your vegetable garden to thrive properly. You can find the keys to arranging a garden in your home and if you like fruits, in this link you will find some information you need to plant them at home.