When we talk about modular designs we think of all those quirky pieces of furniture like shelves, cabinets or tables that try to make our life a little easier when it comes to finding space at home and to be able to organize something properly. But what we haven’t seen so far is that this functionality could be applied to other types of objects, like flowerpots. And what exactly does a modular planter look like? Keter’s company shows us this clearly with its new Ivy design.

Here is the name of this strange white planter. It is a two-tiered container that retains the typical appearance of ceramic pots, with only a kind of bridge. It is precisely this shape that allows us to superimpose one pot on top of another, as if we were creating a pyramid type, and thus to succeed in creating our own modular pot. We can make it more or less according to our needs and tastes, and adapt it easily since the pieces are removed and placed on site., no tools or something like that.

The pots are arranged in a parallel or transverse way, being able to create different compositions according to our own criteria. Aside from the aesthetics of this bizarre design, the irrigation system developed to facilitate the maintenance of the various plants located in such a pot is a marvel. Keter technicians have created a communication irrigation system that allows all plants to be irrigated at the same time, pouring water only in the middle, isn’t that great? And, if we’re not very handy in gardening, you’ll be happy to know that Ivy also has a water reserve system: the design features small drainage holes that help control irrigation and thus protect our plants from excess water and the consequent decomposition of the roots.

As you can see, planting flowers or vegetables is a perfect pot and saves space on our balconies, gardens or terraces. Thanks to Ivy, we can stack our plants to create more elegant and original environments. What do you think? Do you like the idea of ​​modular planters? Remember to visit the official website to collect all the information and access your purchase.