Translucent children's furniture

What furniture is best suited to our children’s room? If we want the decoration to stand out for its uniqueness and originality, without giving up the beautiful color note and functionality of traditional furniture, this collection of translucent furniture comes from Note Design Studio. The collection is called Peep and consists of various pieces of furniture such as free-standing shelves, horizontal shelves, tables, a desk, a coat rack … everything we need to provide an ideal bedroom from top to bottom. low. What else, the versatility of each of these pieces of furniture gives us the possibility of using them as we see fit and of offering them various uses.

Where is the originality of this collection? As I mentioned, this is translucent furniture, at least in part. Wood stands out as a material in all of these designs, but there is it in all grid-shaped side panels which lets light through and illuminates all the furniture on both sides. This is quite an innovative feature that breaks, on the one hand, the monotony of wood and, on the other hand, creates a very attractive visual effect with light. Likewise, besides the aesthetic advantages, these shelves are also very useful for looking for something between the shelves or in the closet since we will not run out of lighting. All of us have looked at the underside of a piece of furniture and didn’t know what it is because it’s all dark, because Peep is finished!

We can have opaque and transparent parts in each piece of furniture, a superb design loaded with very striking colors and which will not leave anyone indifferent. The collection is specially designed for children’s or youth rooms and includes all the furniture needed to organize our things. It is true that some furniture does not have a brutal storage capacity and in terms of space they are relatively discreet, which is why I say that they are designed especially for young children and, above all, for small spaces. which are almost for them to improve the lighting. The Peep collection will help you maximize the clarity of your rooms and make the most of natural light, not only through the mesh walls, but also through other tips such as the choice of colors or the low height of the furniture. If you like them, check out the official site!

Photo: Mathias Néron