If you’re bored decorating a room and find it old or dingy without knowing what’s wrong, take a look at the furniture. It is very common for an old-fashioned or boring wardrobe, tables, chairs or other items to slightly detract from interior decorative incentives by making it look normal and boring.

Dare to radically change the look of these objects and, with them, the whole room with a simple coat of paint and a little imagination. You don’t have to go out of your pocket and buy some new furniture to get that cool modern look. With a little interest and good taste, it is possible to achieve remarkable results that refresh the aesthetics of any interior, giving it the taste of a unique personality..

If you are having this problem, you only need a few simple things. With a little sandpaper, acrylic paint, and a roller to apply it, he’ll have all the gear he needs to bring this sad old-fashioned piece of furniture back to life.

Start by pre-designing the decoration you want. Do not rush at this stage of the process as it will be crucial to choose elements from the color range and combine the tones of the furniture with the one chosen for the walls to achieve a successful end result.

Once the color choice has been made, gently sand the furniture and remove any damage by applying wood putty if necessary. To speed up the adhesion of the paint and reduce the number of coats required to obtain a luminous color, it is always advisable to apply a primer coat beforehand.. Once the preparation is dry, you can start painting with the chosen color, applying as many coats as needed.

It is recommended to use a roller or roller to apply the paint in order to achieve a smooth professional appearance without marks or blemishes. To achieve this appearance and obtain a homogeneous surface, it is important to perform alternating movements in vertical directions when applying the coats of paint.

With this decorative system, you can achieve a very lively and fun, as well as modern or childish look for any piece of furniture and can create a multitude of designs to meet the needs of each decorating style or the possibilities of each piece of furniture.