There will be plenty of occasional furniture to complete your decor, but each is a different universe: some stand out for their design, some for their versatility, some stand out for their storage capacity and others dripping for the quality of their manufacture of materials. . If we combine these different parameters, the possibilities multiply, and this is how Domino was born, a modular piece of furniture for storing things. The modules are combined with different configurations according to our needs and expectations, be able to compose horizontal pieces of furniture or to make vertical compositions; bet on more classic investments or more daring and original ones. This is the best thing about modular storage furniture!

Domino is an Italian creation from the firm B-LINE, a young company used to carrying out various projects in collaboration with internationally renowned designers. His creations are intended for home decoration, but also for other spaces such as offices or offices. In each design we discover a new concept of flexibility, functionality and innovation that he is able to print the signature on each of the pieces he creates.

Domino is one example. We are talking about some wood fiber modules arranged in an L-shape, which can be combined in number and shapes according to your preferences. In addition, the collection comes in a variety of colors to ensure an appropriate chromatic balance with the space in which the furniture will be located. The furniture is sold individually, but their assembly is very quick and easy., which is respected. The usefulness of modular furniture like this will depend exclusively on our needs, being able to use it as a bookcase to leave books, as a decorative shelf, as a surface to follow or even as a room divider in the same room.

The design retains a modern style that it evolves towards minimalism due to the simplicity of the forms and the use of space, but moves away from lines too tight to be placed in front of curved pieces and rounded edges. The pieces are both modular for a wall, can be hung by a simple system of screws, like a support, can be static or mobile parts, by incorporating wheels in the feet. If you like it the best thing you can do is check out the website and end up commenting on this weird B-LINE design.