Home remedies for plant protection

Any corner of our home will come to life immediately if we turn the green touch that nature offers us. Plants enhance the decoration, in addition to transmitting peace, harmony and charm. But we have to keep them healthy and beautiful. Do it with these simple tips.

No major investment is required in chemicals or phytosanitary products for the care of plants. Specialists offer a number of economical and ecological alternatives to apply. In addition to contributing to the planet, these products will prevent the weakening of the structure of plants, without warding off the insects that are beneficial to them. These include cow bugs (which eat aphids) and bees (which pollinate).

A very easy trick to flower and maintain them well, do not destroy or destroy the ground coffee grounds. This residue acts as a fertilizer and brings acidity to the soil, which is beneficial for species such as gardenias, azaleas and hydrangeas. For previous use, it should be dried in the sun for a few days so that the fungi do not develop. It is then mixed with the substrate to make compost. Likewise, you can put a small portion on the jars.

Other tips to make plants more beautiful

Often we don’t have time or we just forget to water our plants. One way to keep moisture in them is place a tea bag inside the pot. Open a hole and bury the bag, then water the surface thoroughly. With this, the pack will become saturated and take much longer to dry, thus moisturizing the top for longer.

It is an effective remedy to fight against parasites such as mealybugs, whiteflies or aphids spray the stems and leaves with soapy water. To do this, you need to mix a tablespoon of liquid soap for washing clothes or dishes odorless or additives in 3 liters of water. With this preparation you will atomize the plant. Do this for three days in a row, then every fortnight. To enhance the effect, you can add garlic cloves to the mixture.

Another ideal natural solution to fight against any type of plague spray water with tobacco. To prepare the infusion, put 60 grams of tobacco in a liter of water and let marinate for a week at room temperature. You can even put cigarette butts in the water. After some time, the mixture is filtered, and all parts of the vegetable, including the soil, are crushed.

Effective remedies

Snails and slugs are often found in the garden and a feast of leaves and flowers from our fields. One way to trap and dispose of them is to place large containers in the vegetation, bury them in the center, and fill them with beer. The scent of the drink will attract them and they will fall into the container, eventually drowning.

Weeds are another problem that plants face. Besides giving the garden an ugly neglect, it serves as a nest for pests like aphids. One way to eradicate them is to white wine vinegar at the roots. These will make it dry and prevent it from coming back. For more tips, check out this article on how to keep plants healthy and strong.