The best garden plants

If you are lucky enough to have terrace or garden, you can stay where you can rest and feel in touch with nature. Who does not like a garden full of life with its pretty plants?

However, not all plants are suitable for planting in the garden. You need to look for plants that adapt well, are made for the outdoors, and make your garden look great. You will know today what are the most popular options today.

Choose the best plants for your garden

One of the most used plants for gardens It’s the carnation. It is beautiful and gives equal parts morbidity and vitality, as well as a pleasant aroma. Likewise, it is able to bloom all year round, improving the aesthetics of your home in winter as well as summer.

Still a good choice daisies, because they have white flowers and are easy to assemble. Plus, since they can survive for several days without being cut, you can grow your own and then use some as a gift for a friend.

Another good option is lavender, one of the most beautiful plants in the garden. Without a doubt, the aroma they give off is undeniable, as well as their purple color. You can plant a lot and create a garden with a lot of plants, creating a fragrant and healthy space. In addition, this plant has medicinal properties, so you might benefit from it.

It is a lesser known plant for the garden bougainvillea. It is a climbing plant with purple leaves and white flowers. He’s a climber, he looks great in the front of the house. Of course, you have to watch out for termites, so the facade must have good coverage to avoid humidity and thus reduce the risk of pests.

The choice of hydrangeas should also be taken into account, as they come in different colors. They can be pink, white or blue, depending on the pH of the soil. Besides looking good, they can be potted because they don’t take up a lot of space, and are also a good choice for soil or patches, as you won’t have to plant a piece of soil.

In fact, there are a lot more flowers you can use, although there are already. it depends on your personal tastethe. Pick one that can easily survive your climate and conditions and is easy to maintain, along with the aesthetic, aroma, and color you like the most.