Dog suite

Sometimes we get angry, because of the summer we like to have a beautiful garden, but we also love our pets. And while that’s not always the case, the fact is, both factors usually don’t work. If we like to sit in the garden surrounded by our plants, our dog likes to go out and stomp on them or do his business nearby when we can’t see them.

As with plants and the garden, we cannot communicate, what we do is try to behave well for our own pet. But how do you do it? It is important evaluate some tips we are going to give you and above all, remember that if one of them works for you, it is not necessarily for your friends. Yet in the worst case scenario, none of the tips will work for you. In fact, it will depend more on your pet than on you, so we suggest that you do something very simple after applying the advice: cross your fingers.

The first thing we propose to do is try to create a play area for the animal. Knowing what your pet likes is better for you than anyone else. There are dogs who like to have a piece of sand similar to what children play with that can roll around on it. Cats should be tested to give them places they can lie down to sleep or sharpen their nails. But do not offer them, but let them discover them, because they will surely ignore them.

You can also put a home for the pet. If they are smart, and generally animals are very intelligent, they will go home to sleep in the shade and cool and will not think about lying on your flowers. While it may seem like something more typical for dogs, cats can use these houses as well. On the other hand, it’s a good thing that we are trying to teach our pets where in the garden they can roam. If we want to simplify it: let’s imitate ourselves and always go where we run, so that it doesn’t step on anything that shouldn’t step on it.

And above all, even if it’s your dream have the garden with the most elegant furniture around the world, being a part of Victorian design, we suggest that you make furniture with materials that your animals do not want to be scratched, baptized or beaten. They usually don’t care about the cheap because they are so charming.

Photo: moorpheus