a ferrets are playful, friendly and carefree, which is why they become a pet in many homes. It is a domesticated mammal of the otters, badgers and plants family.

a ferrets they have reduced vision, they can only see in the colors red and blue. They are a lot of fun and restless. They are very social and learn to relieve themselves in their box. They typically sleep about 18 hours a day, go out to eat, and monitor their surroundings.

They love to go out and play in the garden, but it should be watched as it can fit through any hole, even through pipes. It is advisable to wear it with a harness. Ferret I was able to play with the children, but the little ones should understand that it is not a stuffed animal and that they cannot hurt or squeeze it, because in this case the ferret can scratch or get caught .

a the ferret has a half-life between 6 and 10 years and generally measure between 25 and 40 cm and weigh about 1 kg if female and more than 60 cm and weigh up to 2 kg if male.

a buy a ferret It assumes a high initial cost because it requires a large cage with many differentiated, hygienic parts in which it must have a tray with a hygienic bed to be able to amortize itself. There should also be a dining room with feeders and whiskey. A playground is essential because they are very fun, so you can put tubes of different sizes, balls … And finally, you need a rest area to sleep when you need a house, a fabric tube or having a hammock.

a ferrets can survive with dogs and catsHowever, it will not come into contact with rodents such as rabbits or hamsters or birds, as they have a highly developed hunting instinct. Although they do not require a lot of care, they cannot always be kept in the crib and must be out for at least two hours a day. Because they are so much fun, sometimes they can be boring as they will end up behind anything like furniture or appliances.

a ferrets are animals carnivorous and you need to provide food with a high protein content. They do not like fish and it is not advisable either as it increases their body odor. Do not give milk because ferrets are lactose intolerant. Do not give him foods that contain sugar or nuts that he could choke on.

SEO animals give off a very certain odorThat is why it is necessary to baptize them every 2-3 months with cat shampoo. He loves bath time and loves to play. After bathing, you need to dry it with a towel and remove it from drafts. On walks, he usually files his nails, but if he doesn’t, they need to be trimmed. You need to be careful with your ears as they produce large amounts of wax which can get infected if not cleaned, so it is recommended to clean them with a cotton swab dipped in baby oil.

Ferrets They usually have breathing problems, so you should keep them away from drafts. You must vaccinate him against distemper and rabies. You need to protect it during the summer months when the heat is hot, as ferns tolerate cold well, but temperatures above 30º can kill them. Try to put it in a cool, shady place in the summer.

a ferrets are usually sold as nesting, but if not, be aware that they have two breeding periods per year in spring and autumn. Gestation lasts 42 days and can be between 6 and 12 young. Unoaked males give them a very strong odor and have a violent attitude towards other males in the heat. For women, they emit a strong odor during heat and this odor disappears only when they come into contact with a man. It is because of these problems that ferrets for sale are common.

I know you are determined to have a ferret As a new family member, follow the tips above to avoid any issues with the new pet.