With compact carvings in natural oak wood, these pieces of furniture are designed by Ferruccio Laviani as part of the collection is called Good Vibrations and was created for the furniture brand Fratelli Boffi.

The significant effect created in this furniture set is achieved through the use of CNC machines for wood carving. The result is a series of pieces that provide the unique look of a distorted digital image. When you look at the photo, you may think that it is an error in the image but, in fact, it is an original proposal of its creator. It is a reflection of reality and its representation that can only be achieved in the digital age.

The whimsical shapes of the springs and their impossible curves with rough edges immediately recall digital errors, as well as the distorted shapes of photos restored by image editing programs. Laviani obtains an advanced degree in craftsmanship and approaches contemporary concepts exclusively to suggest different and unique visions of things..

The designer manages to invent two concepts with very antagonistic looks to enhance them while questioning them. On the one hand, high quality craftsmanship traditionally associated with classic style furniture that he builds as a model, on the other hand while making a strong contrast, poor distorted picture quality this fails to convey the information correctly.

What is interesting about this piece of extraordinary visual influence is its great ability to nullify or oppose the classic aesthetic and stylistic principles on which the traditional concept of beauty is based. The percentage of shapes and symmetry is called into question by an obscene rupture of the image, managing to create something new, which exceeds the norms and makes the viewer think.

In order to interest Laviani in giving a contemporary aspect to antiques, the designer escapes classic interventions in the form or the external aspect of the piece of furniture and decides to treat the material with the same procedures as contemporary materials. For the Good Vibrations collection, Laviani treats wood in the same way as plastic.

Three and image: Laviani