Chestnuts are typical harvest nuts oval and pointed like a heart. It has a hard and resistant shell that protects it and inside it has fleshy fruits of a slight beige color. They have a pleasant sweet taste. In fact, they are a great choice for the garden because their tree is very beautiful, and if you like them, they will have dual use.

Chestnuts They are high in carbohydrates, especially starch. They also provide us with fiber and potassium which helps us flush toxins from the body. Vitamins A and C are also part of its contributions. Therefore, if you have a craving for homemade recipes, you will probably like to make the most of some of the ideas similar to the ones we bring to you in Living Home.

Chestnuts for all tastes

Almost half of these chestnuts are made up of carbohydratesThis is why many people think that chestnuts make you fat, but this is not true because chestnuts are one of the lowest calorie nuts because they contain a lot of water and very little fat. If we compare it with other nuts, we can say that walnuts are 4 times more caloric than chestnuts.

Benefits of chestnuts

  • Chestnuts are rich in complex carbohydrates which are absorbed very slowly by the body, thus permanently eliminating the feeling of hunger.
  • Chestnuts contain B vitamins, but when eaten raw. They are difficult to digest, so they need to be chewed carefully and it is impractical to eat them mashed.
  • Freshly picked chestnuts are rich in tannins and when we eat them they can cause intestinal pain. It is best to let 7 or 10 pass before they start to reduce their tannin content and convert starch to sugars.

When you cook the chestnuts, your carbohydrates become more digestible. To cook the chestnuts, cut them and cook them in cold salted water for 45 minutes. When they cool, the skin peels off. They can also be cooked by removing the outer skin.

a roasted chestnuts They are prepared by cutting them into the skin so that they do not explode and placing them on an iron plate or in a pan, stirring constantly so that they do not burn. They are usually harvested during the fall months and sold on the streets of towns and villages in boxes that keep them warm.

Do you know the pilonga chestnuts?

a Pillongas chestnuts are boiled, peeled and chestnuts dried. The authentic pilonga chestnuts from Galicia are prepared in dryers where a fire is lit in the lower part and the chestnuts are dried with fire and smoke. This process makes it possible to keep it longer. Once cooked, they are placed in a bag and pressed against a tree trunk to loosen the skin. They are then peeled off the skins and left to the force of the wind.

When you go to buy chestnutsChoose those that have smooth skin without spots or cuts. You can find them in the market from October to December.

a fresh chestnuts They can be kept in an air dry place, it is not good for you to keep it in bags as they take up mold. You can keep them in the refrigerator for 1 month and 4 months if you freeze them with the skin on.

a dried chestnuts they are kept in the fridge freezer for more than six months. To recover them, they are melted by immersing them in water for an hour.

a chestnuts can be canned naturally or with sugar. They are known for the Marron glaciers which are covered with iced eggs and sugar.