mosquito repellent herbs

When the good weather comes mosquitoes can be very annoying. Their bites are very annoying because in addition to causing itching and allergies, they transmit dangerous diseases such as dengue fever, malaria, the Zika virus…. With the nice weather coming, mosquitoes start to appear and are accompanied by their horrible bites and annoying buzzes.

Mosquitoes breed in underwater water, so it is necessary to take extreme hygiene measures around your home and protect yourself with purchased products or plants or herbs that you can bring to your home yourself. . In fact, natural resellers are one of the best formulas to fight them inside and out. Additionally, many plants that act as resellers in your home can have a second aesthetic function and generate a good scent in the environments you plant them in. What do you think of the idea?

East plants or herbs which I will list below, besides adding a pleasant scent to your home, they will help you repel mosquitoes.

  1. Lemongrass. Today it is present in the form of oil in all the preparations of natural origin that you can buy to repel mosquitoes. It has a very strong smell that repels annoying mosquitoes. You can plant it in small pots or in the garden because it is very easy to grow.
  2. Channel. Cinnamon tastes and smells delicious, but mosquitoes don’t seem to agree. To make a good mosquito repellent, dilute a small channel in a few glasses of water and place them where you normally would.
  3. Lavender. Lavender is an aromatic herb that gives us a very pleasant smell and beautiful flowers. The infusion of small leaves has antidepressant effects. To repel mosquitoes, you can also plant them in different pots and in the garden.
  4. Basil. This plant, in addition to being an excellent condiment for your sauces, is an excellent repellent for mosquitoes because they hate its smell. You can plant them in small pots and put them in every room.
  5. Balm. Its strong lemon scent keeps mosquitoes away, but it has a little problem, it is a very invasive weed and if you put it in the garden it can occupy everything.
  6. Ageratum. This plant guarantees coumarin which is a very effective substance in repelling mosquitoes. Coumarin is a two ingredient combined with lemongrass oil used in commercial mosquito repellents.
  7. Thyme. Thyme is a great season, but it can help you fight mosquitoes. You can plant small plants in different places in your house, garden or patio, and you can put dried leaves in glasses with water for the places where you will stay longer.
  8. Cloves. The smoke emitted by burnt cloves is one of the best antidotes against mosquitoes. Place a few cloves in a small bowl and burn to release their strong aroma. Once burnt, tie them with wire and hang them on the door.

Now you know that aromatic plants and herbs They can help you in the fight against mosquitoes, all you have to do is choose your favorite or combine some of them to keep your home mosquito free in hot weather. Indeed, if you do not have the plants because they are not good for you, or quite simply because you do not have the time to take care of them, I suggest that you make sachets with these herbs, or decorate them on a tray to scare away any mosquitoes that might approach. Consider that it must be fresh herbs and the scent must be intact for this to work.

Mosquito resistance to the onset of heat is a concern for most households. And while there are many alternatives to chemistry on the market, it is true that natural selection is always a good idea because it is cheaper and with it many more advantages than plugs or retail sprays. Have you ever tried any of these plants and herbs to say goodbye to mosquitoes?