Vegetable garden with radishes

Summer is over and we are already seeing how much the temperatures are dropping (although they will rise further so that we don’t trust them …), which means we can start to think about what we have to do our garden when fall arrives. We have told you on other occasions how positive it is have a small garden, using the garden to grow healthy things that can be useful in our everyday life.

To enter the subject we will recommend the best vegetables that you can plant to enjoy a great garden in the fall. You still have time to start planting as there are still weeks to go in August, but don’t leave it for too long. And if you are going to be planting in a place where you have already planted, remember that it is good to do a little maintenance to ensure that the next harvest is born strong and with the best results. Also, don’t forget how important it is to keep track of the harvest.

Spinach is a big compliment now with the heat drop, but a distant winter, at best. We all love to have fresh spinach on hand in light of what we can do with it in the kitchen.

Radishes are a very good alternative, a i will be ready in a month. We advise you to follow the trail well and not delay in removing them from the ground, as they do not have too high a survival period when they have reached their state of health. And of course, thirdly, we can not forget about the carrots. Carrots are one of the star vegetables in the world and will continue to be a staple in any garden for as long as possible through dates.

Make sure carrots have room to grow separately, because otherwise they will destroy. The trick is to gain experience, because these are things you will learn as you make the most of your personal little garden. Finally, we’ve got a few quick suggestions for you that you’ll love, too. Cilantro works well and we recommend it in cooking, kale is a very good alternative and broccoli, although it does not win at the tables, can benefit a lot from the garden. But it doesn’t hurt to try other ideas and watch your favorite things grow.

Photo: HolgersFotografie