Learn how to bake bread easily at home

Would you like to eat bread at home? Now you have the option to do it without even leaving it! In this article you will have the opportunity to know an unusual bread recipe that will make you a real baker. Baking bread is very easy, and you can check it out now.

People mistakenly think that this is a very large job, and the truth is, if it is work, it is not impossible. Bread is a very complete food Because it contains proteins (the egg) we know that the most expensive is to knead it, but once you have practiced it, it will be very easy!

Today people have learned to do a lot of things. Due to their free time, many of them took cooking classes or at least one recipe that they saw online. So just in case you want to be a baker in 15 minutes You are in the right place !

Now you can make the best and tastiest breads and we are sure your family will be delighted when they taste this bread you made. In addition, we must emphasize that making recipes at home means sharing, take advantage of the family preparation time (in this case the bread).

Now you have the option to stop buying bread in a bakery Become a baker and make the most exquisite breads! We must stress that this is not necessarily a stressful time, but that you should take advantage of it while you are doing it.

Learn how to bake bread in minutes

We know the pandemic brought the best of people (in some cases), many were interested in learning to paint, some were learning gardening, and others wanted to be Chefs. On this occasion, if you do not learn to bake bread you have the possibility to do it in a few steps.

All you have to do is pay close attention to the recipe that we present to you and you will find that your bread will be freshly baked in no time. You will have the option of having the help of your family, so if this happens The process will be much easier for you!

The first thing to keep in mind is that the bread it is a food with very basic ingredients, so you can have them at home and not have to go out and buy them.

In case you do not have these ingredients at home, we recommend that you go to a good supermarket so that you can buy whatever you need, and that these products are of high quality. Just like that you go bake your bread the way you want.

Steps to making your bread

First of all, we have to say that the ingredients you need to make your bread tasty are flour (all purpose), baking powder, salt and water. Also, we have to tell you that you should put the oven aside, because We’re going to use a microwave! Great, right?

To start the recipe, all you need to do is mix the all-purpose flour with lukewarm water, then add the salt and baking powder to combine everything perfectly. Then let this dough relax slightly then you can start shaping the dough into loaves.

Just when you decide to put them in the microwave, you should know that’s it. soak for fifteen minutesThen you can taste the most delicious breads.

The microwave, as well as the oven, will make your breads very moist, so you can smell them in your mouth like a pleasant sandwich on the platter.

Indeed, this device saves you a lot of time because it takes much longer to bake bread in the oven. So, What are you waiting for to make your bread tasty and tender? As you can see, this recipe is very easy to make, so don’t hesitate to make it at home.

Benefits of bread

Finally, it does not hurt that we name the benefits of bread so that you can convince yourself to make this delicious recipe. The first thing we’re going to limit that bread gives us carbohydrates, protein, water, minerals, and many nutrients you might not have imagined.

Its combination gives us all the fiber we need to enjoy good health, you can even add other foods like oatmeal which will prevent you from constipation.

Plus, carbohydrates will help us stay active throughout the day, of course. you should eat them in moderation, because otherwise they will put a lot of weight on you.

Bread provides carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, protein and fiber; have essential nutrients for good health and adequate and essential energy for daily life. Also, people mistakenly think that bread is high in fat and it is not. In most bread recipes, only a small amount of oil is added.