Do you have a small kitchen?  Here is the color you need to choose

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In the kitchen the flavors, the scents, the hugs and the good conversations mingle. Children and adults then come together not only to eat. Also for chatting, playing, doing homework and enjoying a delicious cake or a cup of delicious coffee. It is not just another room, it is a meeting point, and therefore needs to be decorated. But what happens when the space gets small. You have to change the colors.

A good choice of shade will add to the decor, but make the room more spacious than it is. Obviously, dark shades cannot be included in small rooms, but even with this information, it is sometimes difficult to decide which ones are best suited. If this is the case, you may need to pay attention to these ideas for choosing the perfect color for your small kitchen.

Warm and brighter with light tones

When space between cabinets and furniture is limited, the use of light or neutral colors is recommended. And that white is always the first choice, there are others that give the same feeling of space.

Shadows like gray, sky blue, pale yellow, aqua green and beige they work well on the walls. They can even be combined with each other for a warmer and more modern 7/0 look.

If they are too opaque for your liking, you can complete with eye-catching accessories. Flowers, a vase, a pretty tablecloth or any other element that creates contrast and adds a little vitality.

The most sought after tones for small kitchens

Blue brings calm and serenity, maybe because it reflects the color of the sea. This cool color stands out in furniture and will add a fresh and clean look and general character to the room. It’s best to mix with white to create a more edgy vibe. While indigo blue and navy blue are very popular this season, you see if your kitchen is small you should be leaning towards the narrow ones. The effect of the distance it will give will be very gentle.

The least inspiring thing about cooking these days is boredom. From where You can use bright colors like yellow to create illumination and depth. You cannot bring it on your walls because it is an extremely warm shade, but you can enjoy it in your furniture. If you are looking for bright yellow, you have made an excellent choice. But be careful, no fluorescence. You don’t have to go to extremes.


If you are surrounded by dynamic and young people, don’t be afraid to try new combinations. A red, orange or purple paintbrush will give you energy. Use white as a background and let some rooms press in those tones, to make your kitchen look calmer.

Did they tell you that black no? Don’t pay any attention to this suggestion. If you are looking for elegance, this tone cannot be missing. In a wall or other device, it will look great. Wear it with white and incorporate stainless steel pieces to help maintain clarity. Add strong curtains to the windows and let in natural light through any cracks.

Okay, we got it. Neutral promises are a favorite. This is great, because you are walking on safe ground. Then seek cream, beige and gray colors. It is they, along with white, who prefer to design classic pieces. Now, if you want to be a bit offline, but keep the core, you can think of brown and some clay innovations. You will not regret it.

None of these proposals convince you? Then go to the beach from the lawn. Olive green and khaki green are highly recommended. They give the desired depth when designing small kitchens. They can go on shelves, on seats and even on the ceiling. Combined with cream tones, they will give you the freedom you endure and make you feel closer to nature.

Additional keys for decorating the kitchen

Whatever color is chosen for the kitchen, the lighting must be guaranteed. The dose of furniture and ornaments is also crucial. In small rooms, minimalism takes much more force. Just wait in the dial tone selection. Apply these tips for the result to be satisfactory.

  • Boost lighting. If you have large windows, let in as much natural light as possible. If you have any, add white bulbs as a boost.
  • Add practicality. When the kitchen is small, you have to take advantage of every corner. The arrangement of drawers on the island or shelves in the corners will provide more storage space, without sacrificing transit areas.
  • Keep order. Even though the kitchen is completely white and full of windows, it won’t look great if it’s not organized or full of dishes. No pans on the worktops, no utensils on the table. The sharper the thing, the better.