Kitchens are getting dressed in 2018

For five years, the minimalism it was mostly in the design of kitchens. However, that will end in 2018 when the colors and accessories of the different streams come together to create a more eclectic style. Next year, the decoration industry will favor mixtures, to create pieces of character, strength and elegance.

This mix of styles will emerge kitchens look rusty, combined with very avant-garde appliances or counters. The decor will be complemented by images and wallpaper with well-defined patterns. In essence, the kitchen will continue to stand out as part of the home. It can be a focal point even if you have the right to choose its elements.

Trends in kitchen decoration

Few shades are as glamorous as black. It will be next to the gray trend in 2018 and elegantly “dress” walls, accessories and worktops. Mixed with wood, these colors will provide a finish that is as modern as it is simple.

You can put caps or metallic tint switches to create a more sophisticated environment. Pick a few for a winning visual effect. Another option is to replace the knobs and handles with a lighter version. Try gold. They will look great.

Other nuances like red, indigo, white and fluorescent yellow they will be used on tiles. And from a material point of view, they concrete, wood (with sharp lines), steel and ceramics are the most commonly used. What are the advantages ? Coming to us, we tell you:

  • Ceramic: its resistance to high temperatures or scratches makes it an excellent resource for the kitchen. Tempered glass also resists cooking scratches.
  • Stainless steele: its ease of cleaning will give you time to enjoy all your dishes. A soapy solution will suffice to remove any stains. However, scratching from the use of pans or knives is prone to scratches, so be careful.
  • Concrete: its durability and resistance will disturb you. In addition, it will withstand the hustle and bustle of the kitchen without damaging it. Another point in its favor is that it is affordable due to its widespread use. Porcelain, glass and metal, however, surpass it in terms of hygiene.
  • Drink: is the most used material for kitchen shelves. It allows for custom designs and contrasts well with steel, glass and ceramics. Its texture and color provide warmth. In addition, it is generally very resistant.

The style is yours

White, with an island, small or open to the hall … You can choose the kitchen that best suits your space and your daily life. The use of chests allows you to optimize the area. Plus, leaning towards a bar will give the room some functionality. You can use it as part of the kitchen or as replacement table.

Now, if you want to be really trendy, don’t overdo the resources for storage. This 2018 will be bright kitchens, without front furniture. This is a better visual integration.

Decant the quality objects so that no unpleasant odors or odors interfere with the activity of the room. It will also be crucial to keep each item organized. In fact, order is more than a trend.

Tips to make it more functional

The a white kitchen get ready to feel that your space is spacious, clean and with abundant lighting. Using this tone in the tall cabinets and combining it with gray in the lower ones will give it a very modern look and make it more visually appealing.

Some interior designers will continue to promise kitchen islands, considering them as a functional and versatile alternative that fits perfectly into spacious homes.

Renewal of light fixtures. Prefers original and attractive pieces. With giant screens or exaggerated patterns you will add charm to the kitchen. Choose sophisticated faucets and a sink. Those in dark tones will add glamor if the walls are light.

Household appliances Modern cuts like coffee makers and dishwashers will give you functionality, while showcasing the virtues of your kitchen. In turn, mirror tiles will add good flavor to your space.

If sometimes your kitchen works like dining room, you will be interested in the effect produced by the translucent chairs. because they are light, sophisticated and make the area more spacious. For white tables, create contrast by using vibrant black or green seating.

Showcase your best dishes by placing them on the most visible shelves. Also a joint venture to incorporate works of art or photos in the kitchen. Class contact is guaranteed.

The kitchen has no reason to be a neglected and deficient space in the house. If until now you didn’t know how to decorate it, 2018 is the perfect opportunity to do so. although trends invite you to mix, remember that simplicity should always be in the north. If you are on the verge of recovery, don’t make any decisions without considering the overall design of your home. What is sought is balance.