Choosing between living in the city or in the suburbs is not easy. The first has greater advantages in terms of proximity to the normal workplace, but also in terms of available services. The latter is almost always synonymous with greater tranquility and exposure to nature. But, what if you could enjoy city life with some of the perks of being able to enjoy the green of the suburbs? This is what they recommend you with the vertical garden range from Gardena. This is the NatureUp! Series, which is available in the widest range of City Gardening garden options.

Small spaces are generally common in the city. However, this does not have to mean abandoning the greenery of nature and can be a source of disconnection and relaxation on any terrace, balcony or garden regardless of its size. Vertical gardens They are an option which has been available in the market for quite some time. However, with its NatureUp! The Gardena company has recreated them by incorporating all of those attributes that the urban community demands and seeks as essential to an ideal product. Still don’t know the options? Here we explain the main features that will make you fall in love with these ideas and allow you to enjoy the perfect green corner in your home.

Nature Up! Gardenia: innovations demanded by the market

The NatureUp! It was developed after a comprehensive analysis of what customers see as essential. In this way, a proposal adapted to existing consumers was born. For them, a product developed to fit small spaces was essential, including those that are not always simple. Additionally, those interviewed for the data indicated that automatic irrigation was a priority. Because these users are generally very technological and like innovations that make their life more convenient, Gardena has integrated the mobile garden control of the vertical garden system. Do you think the proposals are right for you? Below we will explain each of them in more detail and some other advantages of betting on the Gardena vertical garden solutions.


Key differentiating characteristics of the NatureUp range!

Among the qualifications included in the landscaping of Gardena vertical gardens The characteristics that potential customers identified as important to them were taken into account:

  1. A. There are many systems of vertical gardens. However, the design and materials used in the Gardena project are unique.
  2. Interesting. It is a vertical garden designed according to the needs of consumers.
  3. Save space. Nature Up! It was designed for small spaces, taking advantage of every corner.
  4. Innovative and modern. Its design responds to the most current innovations and has a very modern finish.
  5. Easy installation, without tools. No need to follow complicated instructions or waste time preparing your vertical garden.
  6. Strong and weather resistant thanks to polypropylene with UV protection. It is intended to adapt the use to the outdoor environment in which it will be placed, taking care of every detail.
  7. Designed to incorporate an automatic irrigation system (complete micro-drip system, water tank, programmer). This was one of the most demanding features and the design is based on it.
  8. Flexible modular system with possible extensions on the top and sides. Every space is different. This is why NatureUp! it is modular, so it adapts to the needs of each client.
  9. Patented design worldwide.

What is the ideal Gardena vertical garden?

Each user can offer a different solution gardena vertical garden system. However, some of the more commonly used options are:

  • Grow aromatic herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers.
  • Very suitable for terraces and balconies thanks to their compact design that allows nature to be integrated into any urban corner.
  • An ideal solution for corners or as a complement to the vertical solution

Automatic irrigation in NatureUp! vertical gardens

72% of consumers surveyed bet on the automatic watering in vertical gardens. For this reason, Gardena’s commitment is focused on offering it as the perfect solution which includes:

  • Individual and fair watering on each module
  • Water is collected at the base of the structure which prevents microbes from spreading from one level to another
  • The irrigation installation offers two different solutions: with drip irrigation and the installation of tubes

Why choose the Gardena vertical garden system?

While there are many vertical garden solutions on the market, that one Gardena meets all the needs of end consumers:

  • Save space
  • Attractive
  • Each module with its individual watering
  • Do not pollute the neighbor’s wall
  • Modular and expansive on the sides, top and bottom
  • Allows floor and wall mounting

NatureUp special offer! Available for a limited time

If you have fallen in love with the qualities of NatureUp range! Like other users who already want to enjoy the lawn on their balconies, whatever space you are interested in, have made the special offer. This is a campaign that is only available for a limited time, so don’t miss the promotion that includes:

  • 5 x vertical module (including cover and clips)
  • 1 x bracket
  • 2 x clamp
  • Micro-drop components up to 9 modules
  • 1000 base pressure writing device

Suggested price: 99 €

Learn more about NatureUp product line! and buy options from the official Gardena website.

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