The potato is one of the crops we use most often. They actually contain tons of nutrients and it’s not difficult to plant them at home. Today we tell you everything you need to know.


Definitely when you talk about it plant vegetables in the garden from home you can find a lot of ideas to get the most out of it. However, today we want to make a weird little proposition, especially if you don’t have enough space or want to waste too much time collecting it. Today we offer you to plant seed potatoes and we will find out everything you need to know about them to grow them well.

The potato is the underground tubers of the plant Solanum tuberosum. It is used as food, to obtain starch, flour, alcohol, etc. It is now the second most consumed food in the world. The potato plant is poisonous, it contains an alkaloid called solanine which is present in all parts of the plant, even in the fruit. The poison disappears when cooked. The potato is native to the Andean highlands where it was previously cultivated in the 8th millennium BC. It is therefore a true ancient tuber which spread in Europe thanks to American colonization.

Potato legend

According to ancient Andean legend, quinoa farmers controlled the men of the high mountains, as they stole their crops until they were almost watching. Inconsolable, they cried out to heaven and from there they sowed round and fleshy seeds that a beautiful green plant once planted. The commanders let him plant it because they planned to steal the plant when it was in bloom and then let them starve again. And that’s what they did, when the plants started turning yellow, they cut them down and took them away. The peasants were heartbroken, but when they moved the soil, they realized the fruit was there and picked it up in secret. By eating the potatoes, they quickly recovered and were strong enough to drive the invaders from their land..

Growing and eating potatoes

a The potato is an annual plant with an erect stem that can reach one meter in height. Its leaves are composed of 7 lanceolate leaflets. The flowers are star shaped and their petals are attached. The color of the flower can be white, pink or purple with a yellow center. The fruit is a green berry similar to a tomato but much smaller. The consumed part consists of underground tubers. The word papa is borrowed from the Quechua term papa. The name potato comes from the intersection of the words sweet potato and potato. It is said that the Pope received potatoes in honor of the Pope, which is why in Spain it is called potato and not potato. It is only known as a potato in the Canary Islands and also in much of Latin America.

  • Growing conditions vary from variety to variety, but generally require loose, sandy soil.
  • The ideal temperature opens between 10 and 25º
  • It does not support temperatures below 0º
  • It can reach 4000 m high
  • Peru has more than 4000 different varieties of potatoes.
  • Potatoes can be eaten boiled, baked, sautéed, fried. They are also used in purees, creams, stir-fries and tortillas.
  • The most nutritious part of this tuber is in the cut or just below the skin, so it is recommended that if you eat them cooked, you do so with the skin on.
  • Keeping the potatoes is recommended: Do not stack them to avoid immediate germination.
  • Keep them cool
  • Maintain perfect ventilation
  • Avoid dark places, as they will sprout quickly
  • Don’t give them too much light, the most practical thing is dim light.
  • You must remove the bad ones, to prevent the others from being destroyed.
  • Potatoes are particularly high in carbohydrates and sugars, which is why they are a good source of energy for the body. It is good to give them boiled or steamed.
  • If cooked, it should be done slowly to avoid loss of vitamin C.
  • King Louis XVI gave the peasants a trout to cultivate the new tubers. He had planted a potato field on the outskirts of Paris and sent soldiers to defend the crop. The peasants came to look around and asked what would be the result of this precious harvest. When the harvest was over, the king removed the night watch and waited. In no time, all the potatoes were gone.
  • Potatoes are great for any diet and are very easy to digest.
  • Potatoes are part of starters, starters, second courses or even desserts.
  • Potatoes are rich in vitamin B1, which plays an important role in converting carbohydrates into energy.
  • Iron is also present in potatoes.
  • They also contain vitamin C.
  • The use of French fries should be avoided, as this method of cooking denatures the nutrients in the potato.

As you can see, potatoes are very strange and when you add your own tubers, you can choose your favorite varieties of potatoes to make exquisite recipes. And what’s best they will be completely natural and you will know what you put in your mouth. Do you dare to turn a corner of your garden into a potato orchard?

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