Is it a good idea to use artificial grass?

The garden is a feature that is often seen when walking down the street. The outdoor garden that bordered one of the financial institutions in my town always amazed me, until one day I was able to access its interior by walking with my dog, nicknamed Sherlock Holmes, and I discovered it it was artificial grass.

It amazed me how natural it looked. it hit me, because they watered it every day (that’s one way to keep it clean), but not my dog, because she is an expert at testing all types of weed and one tastes like plastic; yes, he left his canine imprint there, fortunately no need to pick up with a bag.

What is artificial turf used for?

In addition to meeting the innocents of which I am one, the artificial grass is used for decoration spaces, but not only, as it can also be used to protect your body from potential damage in certain areas, for example, in the environment of small domestic swimming pools mounted on tile, cement or clay where it doesn’t. is not possible. .

Artificial turf is really a surface formed by the sum of synthetic fibers imitating natural grass. The first-generation types of peat from the 1960s (single short fibers without filler) have nothing to do with the premium varieties now available on the market, with fillers which are blends of recycled sand and rubber.

Generally used in sports stadiums, where natural turf is usually played, but due to the characteristics of its enclosure, dome and partially covered stadiums, it is difficult to obtain and maintain natural turf in good condition due to the lack of sunshine. (Do not mix artificial turf with natural turf “patches”).

But for now it is used also in residential and commercial areas. The main reason for this phenomenon is its ease of maintenance, since it can be used intensively, such as in sports, and does not require watering and cutting.

But the artificial turf it also has its negative side– Longer life, regular cleaning, increased use of petroleum and toxic filler chemicals, increased health and safety concerns and precautions.

Use natural grass at home

Well, since I don’t care about a stadium, mall, or urbanization, I don’t even consider synthetic turf. Do not go so fast, as these types of products can be very also suitable for home use.

You imagine the children’s room, in which you “plant” an area of ​​artificial turf instead of carpet? They are sure to love and appreciate this new recreation area, especially if you allow them to enter the cave dwellers and other critters that they normally collect, but even consider destroying them.

And about that balcony or that little terrace that you have home to renovate? Instead of changing tiles that you’ve already worn away from water, ice, or heat, try layering a sheet of synthetic grass on top of each other and setting the table, chairs, and flower beds on top of it. You’ve created a colorful little garden in no time with a simple little change.

If you are lucky enough to live in a city or in a single family home with land and you can’t find natural grass Under certain conditions, for lack of time, money or other conditions, before choosing the cold and hard paving, you can try artificial turf, at least in certain specific areas of the ground.

And now forget about mushrooms, bad plants, baldness, grafts … but you can continue to water, which is always exciting, especially when you know that you won’t have to cut it later, because what needs to grow, nothing will grow.

The same decision applies to the cement patio of a village house you rarely go there. What is preventing you from having a piece of artificial garden that hardly needs maintenance and, even if it will take a long time to come back, that you will stay at home in the same conditions as you? have left?

Which one to buy, where to buy it and how to put it?

Whether you put it indoors or outdoors, don’t think that artificial turf is dirtier or more expensive to maintain than concrete, sandstone or flooring, among others. depending on where it is placed, it will have different characteristics. Outdoor artificial turf, which must withstand cold, heat, rain, frost, etc., is not the same as indoor turf which will suffer much less.

For this you go find with different thicknesses and supports, but in any case, make sure it has qualities that will reflect the quality of the product you are purchasing.

Make sure it looks as much like natural grass as possible, then it should be soft to the touch, pleasant, which does not pierce or itch so that you do not hurt yourself when crossing. With a matte or satin color, it is not too flashy, does not shine, which looks natural. Whether it has a memory, that is to say when it is stepped on, it regains its initial position and the trace disappears. And don’t make a noise when you step on it, that squeaking can be heard, because when you wear shoes that look like they’re not fat. This is, along with its consistency, what shows its final price. Artificial turf can be purchased at large nurseries and any large DIY area, certainly in the more popular ones.

You will see him and contact him (Internet is not good for this yet) fine different types of artificial turf, with different tones, heights and materials; from the simplest and cheapest (better to ignore them if they go to the floor) to the highest standard. You can get them from 3 euros per square meter to 139 euros per square meter, for better quality.

In reference to install the sameIt’s like the carpet. You should first measure the galvanized stud type blade and glues or repairers, depending on whether it is on a hard surface or a floor, always making sure that there are no irregularities underneath or as small as possible so that the latter has the best possible result.

Of course, if you don’t have the time, skills or patience, don’t hesitate to ask for a quote and the professional installation, especially if it is located on a ground which previously required a lot of preparation and more than one person is able to do it, especially if the space to be covered is a little spacious.

In case you dare to install it, I leave you with the following video tutorial explaining how to complete the process, although there are many, as for synthetic turf: