Create a beautiful garden inside your home

No matter the size of your home, how traditional or elegant your decorating style is, there are always ways to personalize an indoor garden. If you love plants and flowers, there is no excuse not to grow them inside your home. Ivy, ribbon, dracaena, ficus and palm are some of the species that you can use for grow greenery in your home.

With this initiative, you will not only feel that your home is fresher and purer, but you will also enjoy the many benefits of nature. By contacting it, you will reduce pollution, improve your breathing and mood, keep your rooms fragrant, and be more productive at work. Do not waste time. Create a beautiful garden inside your home.

The choice is important

One of the first things you should do is learn about these types of plants that can be shaded or in partial shade. For those, switch to gradually growing ones, as they will require less care.

Also think factors such as temperature, lighting and humidity, Only then will you be able to select species suitable for the space and the characteristics of the environment. The idea is that you always look healthy and beautiful.

Choose the perfect place

Her near your windows or under skylights your interior garden will receive the necessary light. However, do not hesitate to supplement artificial light to attract all eyes to your small garden.

While these places are great, they aren’t the only ones you can enjoy. In the design of interior gardens, the the site possibilities are endless, and if you don’t believe it, consider these options:

Leaf walls

Maybe when you hear the word garden you immediately think of the ground, but there is no exclusivity. You can use it literally a Balla. You decide if you do it in the minimalist style, with a few plants here and there, or if you prefer “line” solid wall for an elegant dramatic effect. To choose textured and brightly colored plants wait for it and choose a good structure for that they stay tight against the wall. Ferns and bromeliads are ideal for this.

On the outfit

Putting up a planter in the bathroom is a great idea. It won’t take up too much space and you will still have enough water to keep it looking good. You will be interested in the feeling of warmth you feel. Ferns, succulents, cacti, anthuriums, begonias and bromeliads will look great in the sink area for example, around the tub or shower, surrounded by low light, or in an area of ​​the room if it is big enough to achieve a light and balanced look.

Natural room

Alternate flowers and plants and even plant a tree in the hall, you will find a room suitable for deep breathing and disconnections. If you like the traditional, you can opt for terracotta, plastic, or wood vases or pots, but if you’re looking for something more modern, go for “photos” of plants or a dry garden. A number of different sized stones, water facilities and a few aquatic plants will provide that much needed relaxation space.

At the height

The gardens are hanging very popular in interior spaces because they allow any plant to grow. Pots in the air give it the soil it needs to grow. Try out different styles of plants and pots of different proportions to create a stunning optical effect.

Don’t settle for these ideas. The internet is full of charming sketches that can be a source of inspiration. Any corner is good. If your budget is low, recycle. Let your imagination run wild and fill your hallway, hallway, dining room or kitchen with the color and freshness of nature.